Monday’s Weekend

It is now late on Monday evening and I am finally sitting down to write this post. I started off the morning with a call from Frank who asked if I wanted to come and inspect the 40 pickup his customer has for sale. I called Bob O but he is always busy on Monday’s so I headed to TO by myself. I always stop at Bristol Farms to get the free goodies and a cup of joe. I gabbed the coffee and headed to Franks. Frank was just coming out when I arrived and we spent the next hour talking cars and looking at the pickup. He also showed me the rest of his collection and some neat parts. All of us car guys have the same problem…lack of storage space. I need a 100 x 60 to keep all of the stuff I have.

The pickup was a very nice stocker that came from Rocklin a few years ago. Frank drove it home and it runs great with the flathead. Frank had to go to work so I headed home to start my blog. When I checked my mail I had another 40 pickup located with lots of history. Before I could call the owner I had more pictures of a nice chopped tudor sedan. It seems a lot of people are selling their cars right now. I somehow managed to stay on the phone for the rest of the day.

Bob O and I are headed to Bob’s house tomorrow to check out the new 32’s he has in inventory. I don’t know how I will ever have time to work on my cars. I do want to thank all of you who have sent me pictures of your rides. I hope to publish them this week…so,

Stay Tooned!



Here is a nice 40 pu from the Gold Coast. Steve has this one on the market and it sure sits nice.


How about plain maroon 40 with a little rake. Good daily driver if you are short.


This Washington blue beauty is a local TO car that is hard to beat. Just the right touch everywhere you look.


All white 41 is an old fire truck and has perfect sheet metal and floors.


I like this feature about the about 41. The car has a very nice 59AB with Navarro Heads and dual 97’s. Nice looking engine compartment.


Frank has a very nice 40 standard coupe powered by a 283 Corvette dual quad motor.


If you like yellow on your 40 pickups here is a nice one.

Today’s 40 pick up…dreaming!


Bob O has the “Old School” look in his high school hot rod pick up.

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