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Rain really is rare in CA so when it comes down all my world comes to a halt. I can’t work in the garage due to crowed conditions and I really don’t feel like doing much of anything. I actually spent most of the time this past weekend hanging at the “Office” which is real productive. I watched a lot of good football and dreamed about the good old days when you could build a car and not have to worry about some government official wanting to have it crushed or taken off the road. If you have looked at any of the car magazines this month you know what I am talking about. It seems they are all out to keep us informed that CA is just one bill away from bringing down the hammer on us poor little hot rodders. I don’t know why they are picking on us, Boyd didn’t represent the world of hot rodding and he wasn’t a bad guy in my mind. I know this is old news but the voters may choose to have us all turn over our keys to save a tree somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, greenhouse gases are a problem but eliminating hot rods is not going to put a dent in the problem. If you don’t think the government can hurt our hobby you need to do some reading of this month,s editorial in Hot Rod, Rod and Custom, Street Rodder and become educated. Brian is doing a fantastic job of keeping us all informed and we need to support his efforts anyway we can.

Remember, all the good stuff about Hot Rodding had its roots in CA. I am from the Midwest and dreamed of moving to the promise land in my teens to capture the environment. I did that and now thanks to our political elected leaders in this state we are heading to the dumpster. I hope all of you have read the Prop 23 and made up your mind what you want to do. This is America and you still can vote the way you want without recourse, but make sure you know what or who you are voting for.

Per the boys, the HRR was the best ever with lots of good racing and hot rods. I am sure the Government will want to become involved in this as soon as they realize what’s going on. Ask some truck owner’s how they feel about the CA law that has bankrupt many companies with the retro-fit ruling on diesel equipped Class 8 trucks.

End of sermon from Pewsplace.

Stay Tooned!


This is a real “Henry manufactured” 3 window that has been hot rodded. I am sure it will not pass smog and it was never intended to meet smog requirements. O.K., I can spend $10K and install an LS3 and take my chances. Why would I want to do this because some government official has decided he wants to pass a law to make me comply.

Let’s see, where do we hook up the smog test equipment. Say Charlie, do you have the spec’s on this Ardun? I don’t think so.

I hope this remains legal. Roy went to a lot of work to hang this history dragster in his shop. Will it be legal for car builders to build cars. Maybe they will have to export them all to China.

This beautiful setting reminds me of Greenfield Village in Michigan. This is in CA so I am not sure you could ever start one of these or dare let someone know you had them in your garage.

All cars 15 years or older (1995) would require a smog test. I don’t think that is possible with this collection. Is the state after clean air or $$$$. You be the judge!

I am sure this would make all the legislature personnel happy. What a beautiful site for some?

I am not sure any of these transportation vehicles would be legal to own and operate on the CA highways…are you!

These two happy guys would not be so happy with any new restrictions imposed by the state. Gary labored long and hard on his Woody and ACE makes his living upholstering cars. We do need jobs in CA don’t we.

This “Kit Car” will become obsolete in CA unless we do something about new restrictive laws that will destroy our hobby and love for automobiles.

Today’s find…really available in some states.

This old 39 convertible sedan could make a fine automobile but would you want to install an LS3 in this car. I wouldn’t. How about a nice flathead or 283 SBC.

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