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I used to work for a president of General Motors who had a great statement he made to all of his managers. He said never confuse work with progress. In other words, if a worker spends countless hours on the job and gets nothing accomplished he needs your attention. On the other hand, a worker who spends minimal hours on the job and always meets the objective of the assignment needs to be promoted. I always tried to remember this in my many years of management. This leads me to an assessment of myself and the countless hours I spend on my car projects with very little progress being made. Perhaps I need help or should seek a professional to assist me in meeting my objective.

I have chosen the latter and will farm out the remaining work on my roadster as I am getting nowhere in my garage. Having said that, and my concern over having someone else do the work I really want to make sure I select the correct shop or person to do the work. I am fussy and insist on quality work. Price is important, but not as important as quality. I know the extreme shops, the mediocre shops and the shops to stay avoid.

While I am searching, I will continue to do the small things and run for the parts required. Here are some shots of the progress or lack of it over the weekend.

Stay Tooned!



Home built column currently in car.


1940 Ford column I thought about. Doesn’t fit the car in my mind.


Stainless column from scrap metal. Cost $50.


Steering Wheel end with 3/4 Marine boat shaft with taper key for 39 Banjo wheel.


Double D machined on lower shaft that connects to Vega box.


Hook up to steering box. Borgensen with Double D shaft.


Homemade floor mount.



Nice 33 tudor at Dreamcars. Chopped about 2 1/2 inches. Car is from Michigan.

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