Monday’s Valentine’s Day Warning

Next Saturday is the big day for your sweeties. Don’t forget to buy those flowers and candy for the one you love. My wife and I normally enjoy a nice dinner out with a 2 pound box of See’s to keep the sugar count high. I know most of you can remember making or buying that special card for your favorite girl or teacher. As you grew older, maybe a special diamond studded heart necklace or some other form of heart jewelry for “that special girl”. The day should bring back memories for many of you. We often forget about the good times in life when we were not so busy with the daily routine. My mother used to make sure I looked nice and polished my shoes. She always said — if you look good, you will end up with the prettiest girl in school. She was right!

I have been working on the speedometer in Pepe as the odometer doesn’t work. I think it is just stuck but I need to take the whole panel out and take it to Redline who is working on a friend of mines currently. It seems that Ford offered both the Waltham and the SW speedometers and they are different. I have collected several over the years and will take them out to Shannon so he can repair my friends and mine. Sometimes the new Classic Instruments 40 unit looks tempting and would solve lots of problems but I am stuck in the past for the moment.

Have a good week and don’t forget the candy as she will let you share it with her. The flowers will make her smile and that is a good thing.

Stay Tooned!



No, this is not the Valentine’s Day press conference but this sweetie was posing for a photographer who needed some pretty face so we would all purchase the magazine.


Jim rolled out his project for a quick photo to show the world this restoration of Pete’s old roadster is coming along nicely.

assorted pics san simeon lunch 10-7-14 008

The Central Coast Roadsters who meet with the Back Road Boys for some good times have some great looking roadsters as shown above. Yes, they are all Deuces but each one is different from the other. It seems we all have different ideas of what our Deuce hiboy roadster should look like. Now these fellows drive their cars, so bias tires and flatheads are not part of this group. I think some would consider such a combination but not for over the road long haul roadsters.


Red Roadsters are appropriate for Valentines Day. The owner was displaying this beauty for all to see. I believe this would make a nicer present than the diamond necklace.


These fellows are making a big decision whether to pool their money for gas or purchase a Valentines present for the girl friend.


This photo from FB sure captures the look of a great American Icon — a deuce hiboy roadster. Maybe you could sign it….thinking of you on Valentines Day. She would understand!


Some of us will be so busy in the garage that the “Special Day” will slip by and we will be in big trouble with the sweetie. Boyd had one like this he built for Jamie.

Genes roadster in snow 002

Gene has owned this one for a long time and pulled it out to dream about summer. What is the “white stuff”.

Genes roadster in snow 007

The car came from CA and has been well cared for. Apple Green wires were the rage in the 70’s.


Lucy still remains in my mind and dreaming of another one some day…maybe Valentines Day would be nice.

 Happy Valentine’s Day


Those were the days when you first fell in love and hoped she gave you a card also.




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