Monday’s Urge

The weekend was a sports enthusiast dream come true. You could watch everything from Nascar to golf or the Kentucky Derby to premier boxing. I took in a little of each while working in the garage. I didn’t purchase the fight, but at least saw all the ads trying to hook me on buying the package. I did have the “Urge” but resisted it as I am really not a boxing fan. Several of my friends placed bets and all lost betting on the underdog. So much for sports — but I was happy to see the Clippers win game 7.

I have another friend who had a different type of “Urge” this weekend and purchased a very nice 39 Ford convertible. He has been driving a beautiful 33 roadster for a few years, but somehow the attraction of roll up windows was too much to pass up. I know all of us go through this period when we just have the “Urge” to have a new Hot Rod for the season. For some it is easy and for others it becomes difficult to let go of their current ride. If money is not problem, then you can hang on to your Hot Rods — but most of us have to sell one to buy another one. Garage space is another problem for our already crowded garages. I usually like to trade my car for one I like better or think I do. The problem with this is that most people would rather have cash so they can purchase what they want. All of these obstacles still don’t keep most of us from having the “Urge”. Have you ever been to an event and a fellow keeps coming back and asking you if you want to sell your ride? Sometimes they can be real persistent — even making some attractive offers. I always take their number and tell them I will let them know if I decide to sell. Now you go home and talk to the wife and she always supports whatever decision you make or don’t make. You know the drill…then he calls you in a couple of weeks and really wants your car…$$$$$. Do you have the “Urge”? It happens to all of us at least every couple of years.

I will be gone for the rest of the week so toon in next Monday for the latest from the Bay area. Don’t forget your Mother this Sunday she is proud you are a car person.

Stay Tooned!




Tom just couldn’t resist this Folkstone Gray 39 Ford convertible with roll up windows and all the amenities you could ask for in a Hot Rod.

WW #1

Here is Tom’s current ride which is very classy in its own right. Maybe he can keep both or store it in my garage.


He can still enjoy top down cruising when the weather is nice and roll up the windows if it turn nasty.

OKie Trip 049

My friend Dave, has been on the road for a couple of weeks and stopped at a few places to see the Hot Rods. He liked this little roadster with the laid back windshield.

OKie Trip 050

This chopped Mercury caught his eye and was a throwback to the custom era of the 40-50’s.

OKie Trip 051

A rear view shows off the long trunk and skirts which was the look of the taildraggers.

OKie Trip 042

Dave also stopped at the Pate Swap meet and almost had the “Urge”. I love this stage of a find to execute the “Urge”.

Tom attended “The Hot Rod Alley” open house, which judging by all the photos, was a well attended event in Phoenix area.

Troy shop 010

The above 40 standard was just hanging out with the boys and enjoying the day looking at Hot Rods. Nice attitude on this one!

Troy shop 007

I am a Deluxe man but many prefer the Standard model over this front end treatment.

Troy shop 029

Tom had his roadster in for some shiny black paint. He hopes to drive it to Pomona in June for the LARS.

Troy shop 032

The rear looks good with the louvered deck lid. Fenders will be painted soon and the car will be back on the road again.

Troy shop 033

One building was filled with under construction Deuces like this Dearborn beauty with LS power. This one will be full fendered also. Are fenders catching on?

Troy shop 022

There were three Vickys in this one shop plus the 5-window and others.

Troy shop 023

The Deuce Coupe was standing tall between the two Vicky’s.

Troy shop 024

If you prefer steel wheels on your Vicky, I know you will like this one. I have many more photos to show you from the Hot Rod Alley Open House and will work them in next week. Thanks Tom.

From the Garage


I have the rear X-member completed and just tacked together for now. I had to re-do a couple of the angle cuts but in the end they are on the money. The trunk will suffer about 1 1/2″ protrusion but maybe I can raise the floor.


The X-member clears the tank and allows for full access to the rear shock bolts. The sway bar will be installed next after I locate a pair of 40 axle tubes or better yet — a new Winters QC. You don’t have to notch the tank with the Winters QC.

 Happy Mother’s Day




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