Monday’s Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family and friends. Jane and I really enjoyed San Francisco with our children and their spouses. I did manage to visit Walsh’s Restorations and view his magnificent collection of Hot Rods. Tommy always has some neat projects going. My camera was not working so I will just have to save the details for a later time.

One interesting project Tom was starting on was a very badly damaged Brizio built Hiboy that needed everything including a new frame. I will try to get some pictures of the restoration and post them to the blog. He also showed me some tricks for finishing my roadster top. I made a steel header yesterday and it came out fairly good. Tom glues the fabric to the steel and it works fine. I do have some photos of the header which I will show on Friday.

The GNRS is the next big event for me and it should be a great show. If you remember the old days with the hanging signs and a roadster build up on stage then you won’t want to miss this show. This is the 75th anniversary of the 1934 Ford and the 40th anniversary of the 69 Camaro. Plan to attend this much improved show.

Stay Tooned!



Green 34 SD at P-Town this year. Mine had the spare tire in the fender but I took it off and threw it away. Smart back then!


Nellie, my old delivery at P-Town this year. Jerry Lewis, yes, owns it now and has made it a real nice car to drive.


Rear door was just a skin over a wood frame. These were very rare in 1934. I paid $500 in 1966 for this one owner car. I did mention that this was a low mileage no rust perfect sheet metal vehicle. Yes, I was fussy back in 66 also.


Gommi has lots of time to drill his 39 Lincoln brakes. Can you imagine the time, even on a mill.


PJ’s wife’s 32 green Hiboy. She sure looks happy. Pete has been into cars for a long time. He always has a winner.


A little too smooth but the stance and the sound of this 40 is second to none.


Bruce Meyer’s right on 32 3 window with an Ardun. This one also sounds great. He drives all of his cars. He is a very nice guy and talks to everyone about his cars. He is a true enthusiast.


Mr T shirts bad 40 coupe with a killer motor. Understated but a very nice looking car.


SBC with a lot of modifications, fenderwell headers, and lumpy cam.



Super Rat with mechanical brakes and all. The windshield and top are perfect for the car.

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