Monday’s Update

The 46th LARS is now history and I think all people who attended would agree that the show was one of the best. I spent 3 days looking at cars, meeting people and walking the swap meet. I don’t know the attendance figures but I can tell you Saturday was a big day at the show. Roadsters filled the exhibition area and specialty cars filled the preferred parking area. The swap meet increased in size on Saturday, so I had to start all over. The vendor area seemed full and lots of new products, like Drake’s 1940 Ford coupe, were on hand for all to inspect and purchase. A special thanks to the LA Roadsters for running a well organized event for all of us to enjoy.

The pre-events were also well attended. SO-CAL had standing room only and I had a hard time parking my car. I did not make it to Walden’s place but the H.A.M.B. had lots of pictures for me to view. In summary, Roadster Week was a great time for my friends and I. I can’t wait until next year.

To continue the excitement, this Sunday is Forty Ford Day at Lapalma Park. I need to rest up in order to look at a couple of hundred 40 Fords…

Stay Tooned!


Frank was on the hi-way early heading to Pomona. He sold this long time possession to some lucky buyer.

I am not interested in T’s but this little track roadster was really well built. He was in line on Friday for the swap meet. I like to walk the line and look at the cars and parts for sale.

Alan’s 32 was my favorite at this years show. He can build some great cars with new products that look old.

Bob Drake is an amazing person who has a passion for recreating Henry’s parts. How about this all new 40 Ford coupe?

All the sheet metal you see here is made by Bob. Nice work.

The California Roadsters were setting up early on Friday. This Moal built Track T is the best one built in my mind.

In case you needed a boost Chris had a fresh Ardun on display to get your heart beating a little faster. These motors were everywhere at Pomona.

Chris also had a real roadster to put the engine to work. All you need with Chris is $$$$ and he will listen.

Steve had his very nice 40 coupe with him. He drove in from Phoenix for the show.

This is how a 40 dash should look. I even like the radio hole filled. Interior is a stock pattern in leather. Very nice Steve!

Today’s roadster…SO-CAL Friday night

Bruce had the 55 at the Open House and it looked great. I watched this car being built when I first moved to LA in the 80’s. Only the best worked on this Top 75 Deuce. I fell in love with the DuVall windshield and Steve Davis top.

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