Monday’s Update

The wife and I spent the weekend in the Bay Area with our daughter and her husband. The weather was perfect and very hot for the West Bay. My daughter lives in Mill Valley by the Golden Gate Bridge and it is beautiful country. I did manage to see one Deuce sedan while visiting but most of the cars are Volvo’s and Audi’s. My son in law has a very nice 1963 Falcon convertible that he restored and we were able to get it running again after sitting for a few years in a garage. I still enjoy working on automobiles no matter what make or model.

The trip home was long but I did see some hot rods headed to LA from the Chicago area. They were stuck in the traffic in SF just like I was. Old cars on the hi-way really excite me. I only wish I was driving one.

This is roadster week for me a lot of other hot rod lovers. People come from all over the world to attend this great event. The club does a fantastic job of making this event enjoyable for everyone who attends. I deiced not to get a swap space this year and just enjoy the show and people. I hope to see some of you at the show or at one of the open houses during the week. SO-CAL Speed shop’s open house on Friday afternoon is the one I enjoy the most but several others are also nice to attend. You need to be in the streets by 2:00 pm to get a place in line. See you there!

Stay Tooned!


This little cab was sitting at the hotel waiting to go to SO-CAL on Friday night. Rare cars except at the LARS.

Dave’s 32 will not be there this year but he survived the crash thanks to a well constructed chassis and body. Get well soon Dave.

I like to visit the exhibits as you can really find some neat vendors and ideas for your hot rod. I love this interior with the woodgrained dash and banjo wheel.

I really like the old hot rods that show up. It would be a long trip but many have shipped their cars to LA for the week.

Maybe this TX sedan will make it to LA for the weekend. He came a couple of years ago and parked in the preferred parking area. I would guess there are a couple of thousand cars in the preferred parking area. You must wear good walking shoes.

You never know what you will see at the SC open house. Bare metal cars really get me going. This AZ Deuce has superb metal work and was parked way in the back of SC’s big lot.

I hope Alan brings his cool Deuce. I have not seen this one in person but I love the cars he builds. Detail is his middle name.

This nice 4 door sedan has had a lot of metal work done to make it look like a tub. John is doing the same to his 4 door.

You may find one of these rare cars in the swap meet or vendor booth area. Lynn will be trying to buy it from you.

Warren will have his beauty in the LARS line up. He redid Bob’o’s old 29 and made it perfect with Bob finishing the deal before he decided to buy it back.

You will see many of these QC’s in roadsters at the LARS. Warren’s is detailed to the maximum. Model A spring and homemade brackets are a nice touch.

Jackie’s hand built beauty has been around for a long time and made be finished by this years show. I think this is the best craftsmanship I have ever seen. Bill owns it now and I am sure it will be a true piece of art when completed.

Today’s roadster…dreaming!

My friend Tom had this one for a while. Old builds make us old guys remember our youth. The first time you drive one like this you immediately become 16 years old again.

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