Monday’s Update

We had a big car event weekend starting with Santa Paula on Friday night, Don’s Koffee and Kix on Saturday morning and Newbury Park during the evening hours. I did the Saturday deal and enjoyed a nice dinner with Jane at Newbury Park. All events were packed with cars so it must be the wonderful weather we have been experiencing lately. April starts the events for Hot Rods and Woodies. I hope Jane and I can make all of them at least for a day.

Pepe is running good and ready to hit the road for some good times this month. We hope to squeeze in a trip to Solvang after tax day but the calendar is really crowed with NSRA and Doheny Wood taking precedence. We have so many events on the weekend that our “Back Road Boys” usually go on Tuesday for our tours. I better get busy putting something together or the month will be over.

I have spent some time in the garage lately working on a set of drilled bones. I know they are normally throw aways but I want to try a set for a change. The wishbone I purchased looked good but after closer examination showed some serious previous damage and someone did a poor job of repairing the damage. I stripped them and decided to repair them correctly. 34’s are hard to find and these were pit free but bent. I don’t have a press so I did the best I could with a hammer and will use Bob’s press this week to make them straight again. I like the look of holes so I used a hole saw in my drill press and made them look like I wanted. The process was easy but laying out the holes with bent bones was a task. I drilled 8 holes and plan to sleeve each one for looks a safety. Time consuming but worth the effort for the look I was after.

My back door paint cracked again so I am deciding what is the next step to ensure it stays painted in the future. I have never had such bad luck with paint jobs, but I guess that goes with the territory and today’s paint jails. Keep smiling!

Stay Tooned!



From the Garage


The 34 wishbone had been really worked on and required lots of work to be usable. Someone had installed another reinforcement plate inside the bones which meat it had been damaged in the past.


After many hours, here is the bone ready for sleeves. The last hole has a sleeve installed to see how it would look. I will have to use thinner wall tubing to make the front holes look larger. I used 2 – 1″ holes and 6 – 7/8″ holes spaced on 3″ centers. I will have them straightened tomorrow at Bob’s.

 Hot Rods


Early arrivals showing current and past styles parked right in front so they could be close to the coffee and donuts.


Another 33 truck was in attendance and was well constructed with a Buick power plant, Lincoln brakes and Artillery wheels.


A very nicely detailed 29 pickup showed up at Don’s and Dave and I looked it over for a long time. A very clean build.


My college buddy and noted Corvette restorer, Chip, drove one of his patina, original, 61 FI models for all to admire. This is his Hot Rod.


An old school, flathead powered, Buck drums and bones Five-window was one of my favorites.


Bruce’s Rod Shop has one nice shop truck and is powered by a SBC for the long hauls.


Dennis has a great story on the HAMB about his pure Deuce being transformed into a similar truck as Bruce’s.


He is well on his way with this cherry pie. See the HAMB for a great write up on one of Henry’s lovable trucks.


Spring is here in the East and time to drive the delivery for a change.


Joe and his father are out for a spin in his new roadster — I would be smiling also. Black is the color for everything today.



Bob-O is ready to hook up his trailer and head to Ohio to pick up this beauty.

Classy Chassis


Ryan has been busy finishing Jim’s 1940 Woody chassis. The Ford logo has been adapted to the valve covers of the Boss. Note heavy sway bar on the front end.


Clean details of all the lines and fittings for the transmission cooler make it look like a new ZO6 Corvette.


The same detail is applied to the fuel inlet and return lines for the thirsty engine.


The exhaust barley makes it through the side opening next to the master cylinder. I am guessing he will wrap the exhaust with some heat wrap to keep the brake fluid cool

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