Monday’s Update

I arose early to make sure I would arrive at the Roaming Relic’s car show in time to locate a good parking spot. This annual show always draws over 400 quality cars and tons of spectators and today was no exception. The early morning cool air was wonderful for Pepe’s EFI. The system seems to thrive in cool weather. The drive to Moorpark is a short one (10 minutes) so I eased into a primo parking spot only a few feet from the entrance. I skipped my walk today as I knew I would be walking High Street for a few hours looking at all the cars. I knew the selection would be mostly late models (55-60) but there are always a few Deuces and Forties to satisfy my hot rod thirst. I counted seven 1932 Ford hiboy roadsters and 6 of them were for sale. I am not sure if that is the end of the season and I need a larger car for next season syndrome or they were just fishing. One real high end car was priced at $70K which is less than he had invested but I don’t see the demand for pricey Deuce roadsters. The age old story of I have over $150K invested doesn’t do much for the average buyer unless it has a brand builder name like Brizio or history attached to it. I have seen some real high end home built cars that featured the same quality and craftsmanship but were priced much less do to lower labor cost. The lesser priced cars had some interest but I didn’t see anything sell while I was there. Sometimes the sale takes place the following week.

You will notice that I have listed a couple of quality cars for sale today. Please look at the For Sale section during the next few months as I have received several request for listing cars. Now is the time to purchase your dream.

I am now ready for the slow season and “get something done in the garage” time. I started removing the damaged paint on Pepe and it doesn’t look too bad, no rust , just too much paint and clear. I will take some photos of the process as I have it repaired. Finally! I have a job in the shop under way for a friend which should also make some nice topics for the winter months. I need to get the Halloween candy out from hiding as the kids will be ringing the door bell on Friday.

Stay Tooned!



This car was first class everywhere you looked. Complete chrome undercarriage and high buck interior. Price at $70K it was at the high end of the vehicles for sale.


Mr. 40 (Tim Bedford) is working on a 37 Woody with 40 wood. He is doing his specialty to this beauty just like his does to his Forties.  This should be another beauty to roll from his home garage. That is his original 57 Chevy, FI car in the background.


Someone sent me this photo from AZ Deuce Days which was held over the weekend. I am a sucker for the BRG color on Deuces. I know there is a Deuce on every corner but some look a whole better than others in my mind. This one looks great.


The Deuce Guy (Dale) doesn’t waste any time getting his projects completed. This phaeton is looking real fine and will soon join his fleet of Deuces in MN. Cornhusker chassis will make it ride nice on his frequent trips.


Greg likes Deuces and Forties also. This is the perfect garage mate for a Deuce roadster. CMG is the color. He just installed the Bop Top for those cool drives.


Jeff Tann had his newly updated 40 coupe on display. The car used to be yellow and was featured in a lot of his writings when he was with Petersen. He kind of does it all in his home garage.


Model-A roadsters are popular with the younger crowd and this one was done in style. Wire wheels with Cragar caps seems to be popular with these guys.


Ken drove the short distance to the show in his stylish 36 sedan delivery. Pepe was jealous.


This old sedan is there every year and was done back in the day. A heavy chop with a stock original tack strip was unusual in the day. We threw the tack strip in the trash.


Jim and Tony drove over from their store and set up a small display. He has owned this 47 for many years after purchasing it from Ted in Napa. Very nice wood and paint —  even after all these years.


One of SO-CAL’s first customers drives his stock looking Deuce to the show from Carpinteria each year. This style is timeless.


He installed a Tri-C tilt wheel and a lipstick red interior to go with the mile deep black lacquer paint.


From the same area is this old, but restored, chopped tudor with a quality interior by Conejo Upholstery in TO.

Monday’s Tech Items



I am in the process of building a set of channels for an X-member in a Deuce chassis like this one shown above. I am studying up on Bend Radius to obtain the flat sheet dimension for the sheet metal man. The X will be 5 3/4″ with  2″ legs. What size flat sheet stock do I need to purchase?

08-28-06 075

I like tie rod end teardrops like this one above from SSR’s. He glues them to the frame but I am going to figure out how to fasten them with a stud.

FrameFromRear copy

This 34 chassis is being done in a nice jig. Lots of welding to install these Ionia boxing plates. Does someone in LA do this style of step boxing on 34’s?


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