Monday’s Update

Saturday was a fun day for me. I started off at the office but decided I should go view the new 33 top that Bob had installed on his roadster. This top has been in the works for sometime and due to the Gibbon body required a lot of custom work. Bob O drove and we headed to Sun Valley and Bob’s Big Boy for lunch. The roadster with its new top was only a few blocks away so after lunch we drove to the shop where it was located. We arrived before the roadster so in a few minutes Bill came in driving the car. The top looked fantastic and Albert did his usual find job of making it perfect. The post’s are chopped 2 inches and it makes the profile so much smoother than a stock windshield. I took several pictures and we headed for Frantic’s shop which is down the street. Fred had some new cars in his place so I snapped some pictures and we headed home. Now this is the way to spend a Saturday.

Sunday started off with a car show at the Town Center. Jane and I roamed around for a couple of hours and returned to finish the patio we have been building. All went well and it was time for the Lakers Game. After game 1, I knew the Celtics were not going to lay down for the count. The Lakers learned about R&R who poured it on the entire game. In the end, the Green Team came out ahead….now to Boston for 3. I hope they return here for game 6.

Stay Tooned!


Front of the roadster shows the nice head on view of the chopped top. The sheetmetal on this car, including the grille, is perfect.

The inside irons were all special made to fit the body. The top folds just like the original.

Here is a view with the seat back and the top fully up. Note Neil’s beautiful stainless irons and wood bows. He does good work. The rivets are all hand bucked for the look.

Here is a 34 Cab in Fred’s shop. LA Roadster member is having some work done prior to the show. These are beautiful cars and provide windows for the lady. My wife likes these cars the best.

The interior in the Cab was done by Mike Harper and is very nice. I like the color.

Another 34 that is for sale. This little coupe is very well constructed and a proven driver. Workmanship is first class.

Power in the coupe comes from Chevrolet in the form of a ZZ4 motor. Note detail of construction.

You know I like this chassis. Halibrand with 40 axle tubes and a race car suspension.

The owner of this 32 phaeton at the Town Center car show was showing off his detailed motor. Very nice car built in Clearlake, CA.

Today’s roadster…dreaming!

I think she is showing the boys how to tune the flathead. I know they loved her touch!

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