Monday’s Update

We had a wonderful weekend attending an 80th birthday party with lots of friends and a huge Collector Car Appreciation Day car show on Saturday night. My wife and I had never been to our friends house but as soon as we walked in we knew he was a Deuce guy. A windshield frame turned into a mirror in the hall along with a Deuce grille shell said it all. The place was packed with hot rodders who share the passion for cars. We met several new friends and left feeling our host was very surprised with all the people that showed up for a surprise 80th birthday party. Happy birthday Dick!

After the party, we headed to the show and found over 1700 hundred cars in attendance and 40 vendors selling their goods. My wife commented on how nice it was to see such a diverse interest in the car scene in our area. I picked up many advertising brochures for companies that I didn’t know existed. All makes, models and years were invited as well as new car dealers with factory race prepped vehicles for sale. I could handle a new Saleen Mustang with 650HP. An all black convertible caught Jane’s eye and she had to sit in it. She got the full sales treatment. She is as bad as me with hot cars.

The weather has been really hot but we still managed to complete the gate project and start on the patio re-construction. I will solicit some help to remove the rotten posts along with a tall screw jack or brace to secure the cover while doing the work. I am thinking I could almost hide a hoist in this patio if I could raise it up about 5 feet. Do you think the HOA would mind? I need a hoist.

On a sad note, Don Wilson, a long time LA Roadster Club member and good friend passed away at the age of 89. He didn’t make it to the show this year but helped organize it as he has done for so many years. He was a true gentlemen and car enthusiast. Drive that 34 red cabriolet in the balmy weather you have up there. You will be missed.

Stay Tooned!



Here is another cutie that was out driving around in another country.


Lots of folks were out driving their hot rods this weekend. This fellow is from MA and has a nice roadster with the look I love.


If you prefer fenders then you will love this classic looking Deuce. Smooth hood sides were the hot set up in the 70’s and 80’s.

LA roadster 14 006

Lil’ John liked white hiboys and I have not seen many since his until now. They do have a very clean look when matched with contrasting colors such as black and maroon. Finding a different look for a Deuce is difficult but this one from Adams fits the bill.


Chopped 34 sedan deliveries are really rare especially in Japan which is where this one is froml Jim would like this one.


The back doors are simply a metal skin over wood unlike Pepe with a full metal stamping back side.


Mr. Deuce, Dale, has all the Deuces including this sedan delivery. He is building a phaeton to add to his collection for the Winter months in MN. HA!

36 rehab 44

Bob has this nice 36 headed for the upholstery shop and it is sure to be a winner when finished. Love the color.


Sometimes the patina cars get all the attention these days. I don’t recall this style in my town in the 50’s. I believe this is a recent trend to buck the high cost of having a car painted today. When paint jobs start at $20K and go up from there – this style makes me smile.


Roy has a new roadster going in his busy shop. This one uses the JHRS bones front and rear. I like them and they make a statement while providing a new look for bones. The team at Brizio’s moved the wheel wells up a couple of inches to match the large diameter tires. He also likes to use the three piece hood without any fasteners for that smooth look. You can achieve perfect alignment with these hoods.


Roy has been using the Snow-White/Weed-Eater rear crossmember for many years. The upper shock mounts are adjustable by moving the bracket through milled slots. The normal use is for a Jaguar rear but by leaving off the center mount you have a QC crossmember. Note the JHRS rear bones set-up.


The JHRS front bones work well with the dropped axle and spindles. How about that 5 ” dropped tube axle with bones!


Dave is adding an Auburn dash to his Deuce sedan and I found one that Roy had installed in Mariani’s Deuce 5-window.You can just see the vent handle peeking out from under the dash. Some modifications are required to make it look like this one.

GG’s Winner in Columbus


Don’s mor-door was the big winner in Columbus this year. Lots of trick parts on this build.

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