Monday’s Update

I just finished a day of watching football and working on Mr. Bill’s front Deuce crossmember. The SF 49er’s  game took most of my time, but I really became focused this afternoon (sorry Charger fans). I am not finished but should have it ready to install by Friday. Another fellow Deuce lover, Dave, is building a tudor sedan and keeping most of the chassis original and; therefore, had to replace his butchered front crossmember with a better one from the Kennedy Boys. He has worked on the making it fit his taste and now has it back in the chassis.

Dave is using the original front motor mounts for his flatty and wanted an additional drop so he modified the center using square tubing. Have you priced on of these at swap meets? Ouch!

Here is a close up of the modification made by County Line Hot Rods. This lowers the car another 1 1/2″.

Here is what I started with. It looks bad but is really solid and pit free. I have been working on removing the old mounts carefully with a die grinder.

Lots of work but worth it if you want the real old stuff for your build. I will fabricate a new back section tomorrow.

I also worked on the center X-member for Mr. Bill, but have decided that IHRS has the best deal going and I love their work on a traditional chassis. Matt said it was up to 30 degrees which is a heat wave for MI.

Dennis and Matt have the beveled hole look down pat. The sell the boxing plates and X-member for your personal use.

I first saw one of IHRS chassis at the PRC event a few years ago. Their design work is excellent.

Here are some photos from Sweden. The use of an X-member requires some thought on how to attach the front of the rear radius rods. Note the lip is facing the outside versus the inside shown above.

I found these motor mounts attractive and functional. Lots of thought goes into each part of custom chassis. Most builders don’t use off the shelf parts for a custom chassis.

I had lots of comments on the four door blog. It seems more people than I expected are in love with the mor-door hot rods and customs. Here are few I received.

Now this is a cool “Gangster” ride with the “Look”…. John, you have good taste.

I love this period piece obviously from the LA area. I bet John made the top as he did on his tub.

I found this one to be a design that was well thought out and executed. There is lots of metal work that has been well blended into the overall theme.

To me this is a pure 60-70’s build and looks like I would have done one… save the rear gas tank and horns.

Here is another 5 window taking shape in Sweden. Five windows are the current roadsters of the past. My first car in 1965 was a 5 window.

This week’s plans!

The Roadster Boys are starting the New Year off right with a trip to Summerland on Tuesday for the $5 buck hamburger special… photos at 6:00. We should have a good time as the weather is g0ing to be near 80.

Have a good week!

Stay Tooned!


GNRS Dreaming!

Gary had SO-CAL rebuild his red 3 window into a stunning black example that is new from the top to the bottom. See it at the GNRS later this month.

A very nice 4-door being readied for the GNRS at Roy’s. Scott built a winner and trend setter with this Deuce.

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