Monday’s Update

I did not do much in the garage this weekend except watch football (Bruins and Trojans both loss) and start cleaning my 57 Ford SW rear axle housing. I had taken it apart a couple of weeks ago and let it set to drain all of the oil out of the housing. I need to remove some real beefy traction bar brackets and that is taking some time. I first cut them off with my torch and then proceeded to grind the welds down even with the housing tube. If you have experienced this operation then you know how time consuming and tiring it can be. The games both Saturday and Sunday where not that exciting so I did accomplish a lot. That’s it for garage work this past weekend.

I did not get to go to Bakersfield but received some photos on Facebook and email. Isn’t technology wonderful? Greg was kind enough to post photos on Facebook of his trip in Dennis’s roadster while Dennis was driving Steve’s black beauty. He has made all the rounds in the LA area and is having a great time doing what he loves. One special event took place and that was the induction of Roy Brizio in to the Hot Rod Hall of Fame and the banquet. I can’t think of a more deserving person than Roy. Congratulations Roy on your induction… you have worked hard over the years and built some of the best hot rods ever built. I haven’t missed this event in several years so I am thank for the photos.

I also missed the Woody and Vintage Trailer show on Saturday but luckily Frank attended and sent along some photos. Thanks Frank. I am as busy as can be doing nothing but isn’t that the way it goes sometimes?

Have a super week!

Stay Tooned!


Gene has had this collection of 40’s for many years and took this nice photo of his babies. Nice garage Gene.

I was visiting the book store and this 51 Woody parked right in front of Pepe. I am starting to like this shoeboxes more and more.

The car was equipped with a GPS/Video screen and ash try for the stogie. The dash was wood grained and looked balanced with the blue exterior.

Wouldn’t you like to open a garage door and find this rare 33 Ford phaeton. They only made 1483 deluxe’s and 232 standard models that year. The one I located this week is all apart but all there.

Of course, if you have a big budget you could purchase this ready to go Patina 1933 Ford model for $50K ($20K too much). Top irons are included but no bows. Looks solid in the photos.

Here is a local car that I used to see everywhere but I have not seen it in the last couple of years. This is a 1934 Ford Phaeton.

Woodies and Vintage trailers make a great combination for a successful show.

I enjoy looking inside these old trailers as my father used to haul one around on our vacations.

Steadfast has just completed the chop on this 3 window Deuce. I love the stance. Henry has the touch when it comes to capturing the hot rod stance I love.

Steve’s roadster is high quality and needs the good gas to turn those huge slicks. This must have been a great ride for Dennis who also has a wonderful Deuce roadster with lots of history.

One of the best builders in the business and a really nice guy. Thanks Greg for the photo.

Bob-O loves the old customs and this one had the look of the early days in LA.

Monday’s Halloween Roadster!

Frank’s new patio is a great place for photos.He has the family cleaning the roadster for Halloween.

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