Monday’s Update

We had a busy weekend at Pewsplace. Saturday was spent replacing the front brake pads on Pepe and reinstalling the front bumper for our trip to Irvine. If you have a Wilwood brake caliper on your car and are experiencing a squealing sound and less than normal stopping power then you need to try the Polymatrix Pads from Wilwood. These pads make all the difference in your stopping power and stop the squealing noise when the brakes are applied. Installation is straight forward and be sure to sand the rotors with 80 grit to remove the glaze from the old pads. After 200 miles, the brakes are working much better and the noise is gone. Thanks Donnie for your assistance.

Jane and I left early Sunday morning for Irvine knowing it was going to be a record high heat day. Pepe has A/C and we definitely had to use it on the way home (104). The journey is about 2 hours and we arrived at the lake without incident. Pepe loves freeway driving and can cruise at 75 mph all day long. We hit some pretty big pot holes but all is still intact. Driving today’s roads with low ground clearance is not wise but I haven’t figured out how to raise the car up and keep the look I like. I will just keep some bondo handy for a quick repair job over the winter months. Oak Park is a beautiful area in the hills and the grounds were full of cars and people when we arrived. We were guided to a nice spot by the lake and proceeded to set up camp for the day. I always enjoy this wonderful venue as it attracts a lot of long time friends of mine. Thanks to all of you who stopped by and said hello. Pepe was the only delivery with flames but there were a couple of more 40’s at the show so he was easy to spot. Jane and I always go our separate way at the show and meet for the delicious lunch at noon. The lines are long for lunch but they go fast. I had walked the entire grounds a couple of times looking at all the cars and talking to people. It seems that a group of Canadian Rodder’s were in attendance at the show and everyone was talking about Cam Grant’s roadster of a few years ago. I was familiar with his car but had never seen it in person so I headed over to take a look at the spectacular built roadster. Cam has built several outstanding roadsters over the years and is the manufacturer of the Duvall windshield that was so popular in the 90’s. The car had a crowd around it all day and I spent considerable time looking at all the unique features he incorporated in his build. Lunch was wonderful and we walked a little more and headed home after a great day at the Lake. Thanks to Walt for the invitation and tickets to this special event.

Stay Tooned!


We parked with a group of forties in the shade by the lake which filled up fast later one. Dave’s Deuce tudor was looking good and I finally hooked him up with Narod the second owner of the car.

Deuces were everywhere at this event. It seems like the older generation still hang on to their favorite roadster, coupe or sedan. I don’t blame them.

Cam’s roadster was the most talked about car at the show. You could spend a lot of time looking at all of the details he includes in his builds. He is a true artist and craftsman.

The Buick was a nice change from the SBC as well as the captured wishbone covers on the radius rods. Cowl steering is another special feature.

Here is are some other details on Cam’s roadster. Note the helmet disc brake covers. He is the man!

Another recent build is this beauty by Reed. The color and interior combined with the overall execution of the design made it a crowd favorite also.


Mr. Bob’s Deuce sedan painted Porsche Aqua Marine Blue is one of my favorite. He was hearing noises from the engine compartment but all was well when he arrived.

Wheelsmith’s roadster always looks fresh and clean. He is a member of the Outriders club.

Since I love sedans, this two owner patina one was attracting a lot of attention also. The complete history was available for those of us that were available.

I also have a thing for 40 convertibles and this old one was looking good. I first saw this one years ago but haven’t seen it since that time. Chop is about 2 inches and greatly improves the profile of the top heavy stocker.

Rick drove out his fresh clone of the original car and I love it. This one works for me.

Limey Steve’s roadster always looks good and was sitting alone so photo opportunities were great.

A true period car was this bright blue 5 window built by Leonardo’s Hot Rods. The chrome firewall brought back memories of my first 5 window.

True tuck and roll with metal flake vinyl plus a that shift knob would have been correct in my day.

Yes, I spent some time looking at his one and reminiscing my youth. I don’t recall the exhaust headers being popular in Decatur, IL. The Cheater slicks were in …. but not readily available.

Looking Back!

In the 80’s these cars would have been the hit of the show. Everything Boyd built was always a crowd pleaser. The Candyman’s coupe, Fruend’s Vicky and my old 3 window all had the Boyd influence and chassis. Thom Taylor was the man with the talent for design and Boyd and his team put it all together. All of the cars still look brand new. Boyd’s son drove out Vern’s coupe while Jerry and Ron drove out the other two cars. I have fond memories of all of these cars from my days at Boyds. Will this style become popular again or will the bias tire look continue?

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