Monday’s Update

The weekend weather proved to be ideal for running up the coast for the Santa Barbara Woody show. My wife was headed to SF for a week but insisted we go to the show and enjoy the camaraderie of the group along with the scenic drive and venue. As usual, we met Walt and the entourage at Dennys for a “build your own” pancake breakfast along with the Model-A club who were having their Saturday morning breakfast meeting. It is nice to see the car guys still enjoying the hobby and sharing stories with one another on a regular basis. We stuffed ourselves and headed up the coast highway to Santa Barbara. Following Walt in the heavy traffic and fog proved to be a challenge for Dave, Jim and I. I could barely see the green woody for the cars and fog but I knew he would save some great parking places for us laggers. Most of us have more than adequate horsepower to keep up with Walt’s 307 but our right foot is a little week. After missing the proper turn, Jim and I were back on track and arrived at the site. Walt had parked on top of the hill which made for a wonderful view of the show and Pacific but I had to park with the Poor Man’s Woody group which was just fine with me. Pepe had another very nice delivery to talk to so he really enjoyed himself while sitting on the grassy knoll of the Santa Monica City College campus.

I donate a Woody picture each year for the silent auction so I headed up to the registration booth and talked to the lady who was handling the auction. Each year they have some wonderful items up for auction. I knew we would be leaving early so I briefly glanced around and then joined our group on the hill top. The day passed quickly and after walking the grounds several times, having lunch and taking some more photos we headed back home so I could take my wife to the airport. Jane and I had a wonderful time and thank the Woodie Club for continuing to host this event. We will see you next year.

I will be heading to P-Town on Wednesday for the Goodguys Show and hope to see some of you at the show. Have a great week.

Stay Tooned!


The fog was really heavy early in the morning and the woody owners were just arriving and setting up for the day.

Walt was checking Jim’s car to make sure it wouldn’t roll down the hill. I wore my golf shoes so I could climb the hill and not fall.

Pepe was parked on the grass next to a very nice ranch wagon with lots of trick stuff. He was ashamed of not having his front bumper installed but maybe next week that will be done.

Here is what Woody enthusiasts do best…relax and enjoy the day.

I loved this shoebox woody with a very detailed engine compartment and excellent choice of color for the wood.

A very clean engine compartment matched the rest of the car in style and class. Note the VA Front Runner set up.

Jim drove his long time companion (green 46) down from SF to enjoy the show and man the National Woodie Club booth.

There were several Nomad surf wagons in attendance but this one had special paint and low stance.

A very nicely detailed woody was parked by our group on the hill. Jim loved the interior design and is searching for the right design for his new 40 wagon.

Yes, no show would be complete without a Deuce hiboy roadster. Eric drove out in his banger baby with the homemade top. Works for me.

Monday’s Roadster Dream!

You very seldom see a 34 roadster for sale but here is a good example that showed up today. Lots of work but the result could look like the one below for a lot of $$$ and time.

Imagine this one from the one that is for sale above. Can you do it?

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