Monday’s Update

After California Dreaming all weekend, it is time to face reality and get to work in the garage. Andre needs attention and so does Pepe. Andre still is not mobile so I need to make that happen this week. (The wife has reminded me several times.) Pepe’s EFI is acting up and seems to die at stop lights after driving for an hour or so. The electrical computer controlled components on today’s hot rods makes it hard on this old man, who has little knowledge or technical experience in repairing these problems. I thought I would address this subject in today’s blog and see if you agree with my thoughts.

I received call from a couple of my friends who had some problems with their hot rods in Bakersfield. One was fuel related on a TPI unit and the other was fluid leakage from the water pump and transmission vent tube. Both of these cars have late model drive trains that require some expertise to diagnose the problem. If you have an ECM then you need a reader to obtain the codes to determine the problem. Surprising, most garages are well equipped to handle this diagnosis and can soon tell you your problem and how to repair it. The problem is you are stuck in a roadside exit or motel parking lot with lots of tools and no knowledge. Here comes my suggestion, carry a smart phone/iPad and you can google your problem, such as “transmission leaking out of vent tube on my 4l80e” and you will have immediate things to try. Now you can at least talk to the tow truck driver who may be able to assist you. I know this sounds hi-tech, but this how cars are operated today and we need to know all the areas to check when broke down on the side of the road.

Items such as injectors, fuel filters and loose connections can cause the engine/transmission to not operate properly and go into the limp mode or worst yet stop completely. Bad fuel, leaky exhaust and the wrong location of components can really make your day on a trip. If you don’t have the patience for the repair then have your system checked by a professional shop with the required tools. I am no expert but have learned that preventive maintenance is well worth the money. Have fun and enjoy the drive without stress.

Stay Tooned!


Dave thought this little 3 window was one of the best. I love the color and contrasting wire wheels. Note the center door hinge has been removed.

This is my kind of interior. Class and luxury all in one package.

The roadster belongs in Steve’s garage to replace his 40 coupe. The Bop Top will keep you out of the sunshine this summer.

I have a thing for BRG and Apple Green steelies. This is a local car that made it Bakersfield.

The three window is still the king of Deuces for some folks. Green Deuces are special.

A red forty coupe with a great stance looks right at home on the grass with the Deuces.

I have never seen this delivery before but I sure like the model 40 deliveries. Wire wheels are making a comeback on resto — rods.

Clean and simple is best when building a traditional 3 window. This style is always in demand for us old guys.

Shoeboxes are being built in record numbers. Here are a couple of 51’s to light your fire. I would have to add a Pontiac grille on mine.

My Weekend Ride!

The wife and I took a long drive on Sunday and Pepe did well but wanted to die at stop signs. Maybe I put too much wax on him. The front bumper is coming soon.

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