Monday’s Update

Sometimes you need to do something different on Saturday mornings. My normal routine of going to the “Office” was changed by going over the hill to the Valley. Chip invited me to a cruise in a residential area hosted by and individual who loves cars. I cleaned up Pepe on Friday and was off to the Valley for a new adventure which is essential in order to develop new stories for Pewsplace. I arrived early and was surprised at the number of cars already in attendance. I parked Pepe in front of a very large beautiful home and walked over and introduced myself.

Our host has a large garage which is decorated with lots of memorabilia and Tri-Five Chevrolets. I looked at the walls full of photos and signs. Someone spent a lot of time putting this all together. Tables were filled with food and beverages. They were served from vintage coffee urns and checker board covered tables. Chip and I walked the streets looking at the cars (about 30) and then headed over to another nearby home with a large well equipped garage. The owner showed us some of his projects as well as the garage layout. I sure like the idea of a hoist in your garage and he had a large capacity one installed.  I doubt that I will ever buy or build another house but I was sure envious of the two garages we visited.

I plan to make the event next month also or possibly another one is another area. Networking is what makes the hot rod world so intriguing to me.

Have a great week and keep smiling … your’e looking good.

Stay Tooned!


Shirley, our car hop, was serving coffee and snacks. I asked her for a date but she replied with, ” Do you have a younger son?”

The Chevrolet side was filled to capacity with photos, signs, Coke stuff and vintage magazines. Neat!

This little 32 truck had a nice sounding flathead as he exited the morning cruise.

I loved this 51 Ford convert which also sounded great. Flatties have the sound all of their own.

The sedan had a really healthy sounding SBC under the hood. The exhaust would give Pepe a run for his money.

I am a fan of early trucks and this 35 was very well done with a nice detailed flathead and red Kelsey wheels.

Pepe’s son was in attendance also. Fred did the same flames on the little one.

This is what it is all about…lots of gray haired hot rodder’s standing around talking cars. The sedan was right up my alley.

Chip and I visited another garage in the neighborhood. This is Chip’s latest restoration, a classic 1960 Corvette that is a perfect example of his outstanding work.

 Today’s Roadster “Barn Find”

From the HAMB, this 34 roadster is my dream find. Note the condition of the body and quarters. Red oxide was “the color” of my era. The APEX sander looks familiar.

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