Monday’s Update

I am kind of down today as the 49r’s did not quite get the job done last night. The blackout helped but the receivers just were not up to catching the ball. Sometimes it is just not your turn. I feel that way on some of my projects. No matter how hard I try I don’t seem to accomplish the task I set out to do. For example, I having been working on Andre’s body in order to fit the doors properly. I know some of the tricks but no matter what I try I seem to end up with the bottom out or the top out of alignment. I will try one more time today if time allows. Fitting your doors once the body has been reinstalled is a chore for all except the professional body man. I wish Andy lived closer as he could give me a hand.

As we head toward the spring, I begin to think about where I would like to take Pepe for road trip. Steve thinks we should all meet in Solvang for a great lunch and tours of some of the shops. I think that might be in order next month. The Early Times Mid-Winter Rod Run is always a great day filled with adventure and lots of great shop tours and nice cars. This year it starts at “Richards Hot Rod Shop” in Long Beach on February 24th at 9:00 AM. I will hopefully be driving Pepe for his first long distance tour. He is all registered back in CA and glad to be home in the warm weather for a change.

I look forward to seeing you on the road.

Stay Tooned!


George Young built a fabulous 39 woody that wowed them at the GNRS. Every component has been reworked to enhance the overall design.

Custom gauges were designed and built to exacting standards. The 40 wheels looks right at home on this 39 Ford woody.

Trick bear claw latches were used and were very well designed on the rear opening 40 style doors.

George also built this 1946 Ford woody which I saw at Wavecrest. He sure knows how to build a woody that draws a crowd.

Rudy had another chopped coupe in his booth that I really liked. The Ardun was a big hit with most spectators.

Bob-O would have liked this little coupe as it is like the one he is building to relive his youth in LA.

I thought this local built car was a standout in the custom car building. I would have been able to take the Prom Queen home if I owned this one.

Johnson’s Kinmont brakes were a big hit with the old timers. I did not hear the price but I am sure it is substantial.

If you want the look these are beautiful reproductions with modern technology. The whole car was a nice starter kit.

Sid is selling the pop out rear window for his Bop Top. I love the window and it is very functional on a roadster. The price is something I didn’t ask but I sure like the concept.

├é┬áReader’s Rides!

Don is retired and still turning out some great roadsters. He completed this one in 5 months. He is my hero.

Don’s love of the Bell racing equipment history and his interest in early racing inspires each of his builds.

This is about as traditional as you can build one today. Note luggage rack spreader bar. Nice job Don!

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