Monday’s Update

The good news is my friend Bob-O made it to B’ville without any problems other than the stater wants to hang up occasionally. Remember Ruby’s problem? Today is opening day and the times will be posted on the SCTA site. I don’t have any friends running a car this week but I still like to see how fast they are running. Another friend of mine just came back from Sturgis and had a lot of photos to show this morning at the “Office”. Due to the content I won’t post any of them but they sure do things different at motorcycle events than they do a car events. Looks like fun to me.

I did not do much due to the extreme heat but my intentions were good. I seem to be at a place in the build that has stalled me for some reason. The wife keeps asking, “what’s next,” and I don’t know because there is so much left to do. When the heat spell goes away I will get back on the project. I find it difficult to work in this high humidity and 100 degree weather. I am not as tough as I used to be.

I plan to attend the Santa Barbara Woody meet on Saturday and then head to the Bay area for the GG’s meet in P-Town. I am resting up this week to be in good shape for all the traveling I plan to do.

Stay Tooned!


This has to be one of the best buys for a Deuce hiboy. Brookville, Deuce frame chassis, 330 crate and on and on for only $36.5K . Sounds too good to be true. I don’t think you could buy the parts for that little.

It also includes a Bob Top. The stance and profile are on right on the money.

Maybe Bobby will turn his recent purchase into a show stopper like this Fat Jack creation. Jack likes black and orange on his cars.

Bruce went the full custom route with his tub. Heavy chop, Carson style top, Studebaker tail lights and Desoto bumpers. He has a very cool ride for his trips to Bob’s.

I will probably never own another coupe but the profile of a forty coupe is priceless.

One of my hang ups is how to move this hulk to the blaster/stipper without doing any damage. Adjax will pick it up and deliver it back to my house but I need to do some work on the jig. The lower rear quarter panel must be replaced after I remove the poorly installed one that was done in the 60’s.

I maybe nuts but I like the look of the 39 banjo on a 40 column. I need to figure out how Tom did his conversion. I think he made a spacer or changed the bell to a 39. If anyone has done this let me know.

I have decided on a pattern for Andre and this is it. The color will be dark tan. Gabe did this one for SO-CAL a few years back. Simple is me.

When you build history and sell it you sometimes realize you made a mistake and build your dream hot rod a second time. Bruce has the original but this clone was built by the original builder.

Today’s Sedan rear end!

Hiboy sedans are not all that attractive with the squared off rear end. Moving the tail lights closer to the body (37 units) help hide the gaps. Mounting the license plate to the spreader bar also helps disguise the flat panel of the rear body. Roy can make anything look good.

Hank used 32 tail lights a moved them into the body also. His spreader bar detail is a very unique approach to making a difference. The color is a 1932 HD shade. Cool!

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