Monday’s Update

The Road Kings held their 60th Anniversary event at the Johnny Carson Park in Burbank and it was a huge success with more cars than I have ever seen at this gathering. The big attraction was the “Cackle Fest” which featured several dragsters and altered’s that were fired up to the joy of the crowd. My wife and I could not stand there very long as the fuel burnt your eyes and the noise hurt your hears. How did we do this when we were young? This is a first for this event since I have been attending. Congratulations to the Road Kings for an outstanding event the weekend prior to the roadster show. I wonder what it was like in 1952?

I came home and did very little the rest of the day except dream about next weekend in Pomona. Make sure you rest up for the all the walking you will need to do to see the cars and buy the parts you need.

Stay Tooned!


I thought the banner was a true tribute to the Road Kings over the past 60 years. Note they are a Racing and Rodding club.

Sam had his 5 window on the hill sitting next to a very nice roadster with a Bop Top. This is a good example of the 60 years of hot rodding in SO-CAL. I hope the emergency brake holds the car in place on these hills.

Frank was parked down the hill from me in his new 40 pickup. This is a really nice cherry pickup with a 302, auto and 9 inch. He can find them now that he is retired.

Parked down by the stream was this Washington blue 40 sedan that looked comfy to my wife and I.

A Mercury without a chopped top still looks good sitting on the grass. I think most of these cars have bags today.

Derek’s 75th anniversary poster car was at the entrance and he and Pete were handling the “Cackle Feast”.

Derek is the tall person standing in front of the car. A lady was seated in the driver’s seat with all that noise and fuel around her. Brave lady.

A nice roadster with all the equipment I like. Hemi’s are really popular today.

Frantic stopped in for a short while as he is getting ready to head to St.Paul for the Back to the Fifties show. Fred likes to drive cross country and his delivery has over 100,000 miles on the speedo.

If you want to ride in style then this is the set up for you. You always have a parts chaser if you break down on the road.

I don’t often venture past 1948 but this perfect 1957 Chevrolet was my dream car in high school. The American’s are a perfect touch and I had a set on my 59 Vette that were the real magnesium ones. Vick wants one of these cars for his collection.

Today’s Favorite!

My lovely wife loves woodies and she thought this Glade green one was one of the best cars she has seen. The original wood Woodie won best wood at Wavecrest a few years ago. The owner is from Corona del Mar. Ruby liked this gentleman also but we didn’t let her get to close.


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