Monday’s Update

I hope all of you had a great Mother’s Day weekend and enjoyed the time with your family and friends. We spent a quiet weekend around the house just relaxing. I did manage to paint some parts and get a few more ready for paint. I still don’t enjoy cleaning and prepping each part for paint but the only way you end up with a quality finished part is to do it right.

I received lots of photos from some of the weekend activities that I will share with you today. Thanks to all of you who continue to send me photos of your activities. I hope to get out more this month but right now I am staying close to home.

Stay Tooned!

The famous “back lot” was full of roadsters, most of them built by Roy. My all time favorite shown here was built by Pete. I used to spend most of the morning in the back lot.

Brizio’s shop party is about his first love, Deuces. How about a nice cabriolet to start off your morning .

If you like three windows then this one was over the top. I think this one was on ebay a few weeks ago.

The rear looked good with stock appointments and a rumble lid.

Gary was parked next to the 3 window and this must have been real early in the morning as this area is normally full of cars. I love BRG Deuce tudor sedans. So does Gary.

Tom had his beautiful 40 coupe out front to stand guard over the Deuces. In my day, this would have been a line up for a quick drag with the 62 Impala parked next to him.

Sanderson is right next door to Roy’s and this 56 BBW was really looking good. I have always preferred the 56 over other years.

Phil captured a very rare 33 Vicky parked next door. Black wires on the black sedan continue to be popular, more so than mags.

I saw this one at the Petersen and showed you the black painted mags.  Back lot roadster parking only.

A very nice 34 was parked next to Sid’s 5 window. How long will these old cars stay popular?…Forever, in my mind!

Today’s Find!

Yes, real tubs are still out there and this photo proves it. Bob-O found this one and is not sleeping at night thinking about joining the Bruce and John Tub club.

The deck lid is unique with rounded corners. The car is 99% complete waiting to be restored.

The dash has been painted in the past and the interior (shot) was done in black naugahyde.

If you are looking for a certain car and can’t locate it, just keep looking like Bob-O did.

More later on the tub Club…


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