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We were blessed with great weather this past weekend and I was able to make it over to Johnny Carson Park for the Kiwanis car show on Sunday. They had a great turnout and the pancake breakfast was fantastic. I roamed around till about noon and then headed home. I always like the shows held at JCP as the venue provides a very nice grassy area for displaying the cars. One thing about this particular show is that it is open to all types of cars and you can see about anything you like. The early hot rods are not so prevalent, but there are always a few you haven’t seen that show up. Burbank is full of hot rods from the past but usually don’t show up until the Throttlers show in the fall. I am fortunate that I love all types of automobiles and can appreciate the history of each one I see.

The NSRA show in Bakersfield also was going on this past weekend and Dave sent in some photos of his trip. He just got home from Austin and headed out again. I should have a complete update on the show on Wednesday’s blog.

I am off to secure some parts for Andre’s chassis.

Stay Tooned!


A stock appearing Deuce roadster was heading up the Deuce show. You don’t often see them done in this style. I believe this was a Henry model.

You will always find a Willys or two at JCP. This one had all the right stuff to drive it on the street not the race track.

One person owns both of these wonderful shoebox customs. The sedan is a 1949 and the convertible is a 1951 which is my favorite.

From the rear, each car has its own personality. Take a close look and you can spot the differences.

I have always liked the 51 converts done in a mild resto rod style. This one was perfect.

From the rear the 51 was really nice with a full custom interior and SBF engine and late model running gear.

George brought his very rare 56 Chevy convertible to the show for us to admire. You need to see this one in person.

The factory equipped dual quad set up complete with air cleaner requires a second look.

Parked under the shade trees this cool Mercury was surrounded by other chopped Mercuries. Again, Burbank has some cool customs.

I am a sucker for stock mint black 40 Ford pickup trucks. I have not seen this one before and really admired it for being left alone. I could make this a nice daily driver with a dropped axle and nothing more.  Bob-O would chop it.

 Today’s Deuce Coupe!

NSRA Bakersfield had a lot of Deuces and Dave liked this one. Just think, you can purchase a brand new 5 window body today and build your dream. Registration is easy, right!

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