Monday’s Update

Pewsplace was a busy place this past weekend. My grandson was in town and although only 3 months old ,he provided a great deal of pleasure to my wife and I. I have to wait to start him on his first Deuce project, but that time will come. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to see him frequently. I always lived a long way from my father and our children did not visit them often.

The wife and I worked on the chassis finishing the welding on the bottom side so it is now ready for the treatment at Ajax. I sure spent a lot of hours grinding and welding on that old frame but it came out as good as I can expect. I am sure the effort will pay off when the body goes back on a solid foundation. The next step will be to remount all the components and install the body.

I have received some photos of some more 3 windows and I guess the 3 window is the car of the year this year. I saw many 3 windows at the Petersen and since I have owned 5 of them, I just keep looking at them over and over. A good design is a good design. Love live the Deuce. I also received some photos from Woodies in the Valley that was held this past weekend. It looks like they had a great time and plenty to eat. Finally, the Santa Rosa car show was also this past weekend and my friends had their cars in attendance. The season is off to a great start so I better get out in the garage and get Andre going.

Stay Tooned!


Bob sent along some photos of his “Mint Julep” 3 window that Terry built a few years ago. The car caused quite a stir when he showed up at the LARS. Terry also likes 3 window coupes and has built a couple in his career. Bob is enjoying the ride when the weather is nice.

Black wheels on Bobs coupe look sinister. How about the single row of hood louvers?

Deuce lover, Gary, from Cornhusker, told me that he has been building black Deuces with black wheels for a long time. His 3 window sure looks perfect to me. I love the stance he obtains with his Deuce chassis’s. He has been building chassis and cars for many years and one of the leaders in the industry.

Another view of the picture perfect black on black 3 window from Nebraska. Gary knows Deuces.

Gary and George had their cars in the Santa Rosa car show this past weekend. Both cars are very high end and are driven as much as time permits. Red with real magnesium wheels is also a look that never goes out of style. Both projects were owner built in their home garages. I guess I really need to go to work this year.

I sure like the end result of this roadster from Detroit. I have shown it in various stages but this is the latest prior to upholstery. HAMB.

You have to love the color on this 41 Ford pickup with white walls and a complimentary white interior this is one slick forty.

HHR has been working on this panel for several years and it is almost finished now. The chop job was no small task on this big boy. Troy can build a different look than most and pull it off. A modern traditionalist style is what he is all about.

The Central Coast “lunch bunch” meet every Friday at noon for good times and good food at Juan’s Cantina. A normal turnout is around 20 cars. Thanks Mike for the photo.

HHR also builds some killer Mercury’s. Several of the 49-51 were being worked on in the back 40 of his small shop in Burbank. He can do some serious metal work on your car.

Another 3 window was waiting in line for the HHR touch. I know of several original bodies plus two Brookville bodies being built in our area. I am sure there are many more. Where is mine?

Today’s Favorite!

I must say that Syd brings me more joy than I could ever hope for in a Deuce and I know he will be driving one as soon as he can. I predict he will be a ladies man and want a roadster.

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