Monday’s Update

Waiting for the new grandson is almost like waiting for the paint shop to finish your hot rod.  We think today is the day and we will be leaving in the morning for the Bay area.  We are excited for our son and his wife and are looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.

Jane and I attended the huge Christmas car show yesterday and looked at the most expensive exotic cars on the West Coast.  Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and most any other brand you can think of were in attendance at this annual event. I only saw a few hot rods but Ruby felt right at home among all those classy cars.  I had to park with the Porsches which was good as you know how well they take care of their cars. I enjoyed the show and  spent a couple of hours looking at the cars and all the toys that were donated to the drive.  I think the effort is one of the best in LA.  John Force had a huge event also but I don’t drive that far anymore for a one day event.  Maybe next year I will venture down to Yorba Linda for his show.

I have another email address that I don’t look at often and today I tried to respond to those of you who sent in comments and photos. I love hearing from you and will promise to keep better track of my other address.  The best address to reach me is

I will be on the road this week and will not make the Wednesday night trip as planned.

Stay Tooned!


I recieved this photo of a very nice 41 delivery that is looking for a new home.  If you have an interest let me know and I will put you in touch with the owner.  The owner has owned it for many years and just redid the car with new paint and interior. Andre is jealous.

When you have a Deuce you always want another one.  The owner looks comfortable with his Deuce but he wanted one with roll up windows so….

…You sell your old one and build a new Dearborn Deuce.  Note he still has that same smile.  I love the black on black approach with a Deuce hiboy roadster.  No whitewalls this time around.

David sent along this Deuce pickup hiboy that looks sharp with the chopped top and wire wheels.  His father is building a Deuce pickup and uses this photo as his inspiration.  He has good taste.

Tom sent along some photos from the Sanderson Ford Deuce Day in AZ.  This blue hiboy was a standout  from the normal black ones you see.

More detail shown on the decklid of the hiboy.  I don’t recall seeing this one in the past.

On the other end of the build styles is this stock looking vicky with red steel wheels, cowl lights and stock headlights.

Fenton equipped hiboy was a looker and appeared to be a recent build.  That is Fred’s SO-CAL hiboy in the background.  I still like that color combination.

A Deuce 3 window with a chopped top really has the look of a street racer

Tom has his Deuce looking good with fresh paint and mint sheet metal.  The white wheels and stock height also reflect the racer look of my era.  Nice car and thanks for all the photos.

Today’s 40 coupe….dreaming!

Yes, the old CMG 40 standard coupe was looking good at the show.  Can you remember when you were young and these coupes were on the car lot for $350?  I can.

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  1. Heck yes, my first car was a 39 standard coupe. $350. exactly. The girls in high school marveled at a windshield that would open.

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