Monday’s Update

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  We really enjoyed our trip even though the traffic and fog were super bad both ways.  I did not have time to look at any cars but did receive some photos from Steve of his outing on the Hop Up run.   I also talked to some people who attended the Del Mar meet.  They had a good time looking at cars with the grandkids.  You need to start them young and keep them interested.  Our new grandson did not arrive yet so we will be heading back to the Bay in a few days.

December brings the Christmas spirit and thoughts of what do you want for Christmas.  I always like to be done shopping by now but I have not started this year.  I plan to obtain some list from the kids and wife then head out and do it all in one day.  I have hinted about 34 roadsters, 40 coupes and 32 sedans but I don’t think they are listening.  Santa listens but always drops the presents at the wrong house.  I am very happy with Andre and have lots of work to do for next year.  I will be happy with a new Hot Rod shirt again this year.

I do know that Santa dropped off and early 40 coupe to my friend’s house last week and he is busy dreaming on the build plan.  The search has ended until the next dream arrives.

Stay Tooned!



John sent along a photo of what the original Edsel Ford speedster looked like.  Note the grille which is more clearly a 1934 design than the current rendition.  I like this one better.  Thanks John.

Santa dropped off an early Christmas present to Frank this year.  Santa has his location in his GPS permanently.  This is one of Franks best in my opinion.  Flathead Fred needs to see this one.

A newly constructed roadster took advantage of the weather and went on the Hop Up tour.  Note louvers on side and top.

A 41 pickup also was in attendance and looked good with the orange steel wheels.


This very cool shoebox was sitting on the ground and was a welcomed addition to the past 48th street cars on the run.  I love shoebox Fords.


Here is a 5 window hiboy that I never tire of seeing.  The bias tires help the look.

Here is a nice full fendered 5 window that Mike drove on the run.  The 41 delivery came from Santa Barbara to see how that old flathead would purr up coast highway.

Bob O and John know how to build the Carson style top for their tubs.  Here is one under construction that would look good in my garage.

I sent this photo to Santa and locked in my GPS address so I know he won’t forget me.  This is the classic 40 coupe with Americans.

Tom’s coupe is coming along real nice.  I sure need to haul Andre down to Hot Rods and Custom Stuff for a good blasting job.  Note the cherry sheet metal.

Today’s Tub….dreaming!

I found this on on the net and John could have this one on the ground in about a week with Bob O’s help.



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