Monday’s Update

My daughter was home for the weekend which did not leave a lot of time to work on Andre.  I watched too much football and dreamed about what I should be doing.  Fred called today and said the springs finally arrived so I will head over to his place tomorrow prior to Toppers.  Bob O took his broken coil over to have it repaired.  This is the second one he has had brake at the top of the threaded shaft.  Alden states that binding shocks are the biggest cause of failure.  The shocks on his Mercury are 25 years old so maybe it is time for some new ones. I have never been a big fan of coil overs shocks but they sure make it easy to mount the rear axle and provide adequate adjustment.  I am into forties this month so parallel springs are in my focus currently. They are almost foolproof if installed properly.  The ride height is adjustable with lowering blocks which is a big plus for me.

I spent the morning hours stripping the paint off of the driver’s side on Andre.  I never liked to do this job but I can’t seem to bring myself to have the car blasted or stripped.  I thought I would try it and see how it would take to paint stripper, sandpaper and elbow grease.  I was surprised that the paint came off very easy and cleaned up with 80 grit on the DA sander.  I think I will strip the whole car if my back holds out.  I am more concerned about the interior roof panel which is heavy surface rust which is found on most deliveries and sedans.  I think blasting will be the only way to eliminate the rust properly.  I purchased a wheel from Eastwood that fits on the 4 1/2 hand grinder that is supposed to do a good job.  We will see.

Jane and I are headed to the LA Auto Show this weekend to see the new cars and maybe some hot rods.  I can remember for years the LA Roadsters had a nice display in the show.  I haven’t seem them recently but you never know.

Stay Tooned!


I have searched for some more daily drivers and this one came up.  I love the patina on this sedan with a modern chassis and 5 spokes.  Looks cherry to me.

I love this Monnich looking sedan with steelies.  Plain and beautiful is my description. I wouldn’t change a thing including the fenders.  I know there is one out there with my name on it.  Santa reads my blog.

Standard 40 woodies are rare and this one at Nicks now belongs to Bruce.  I like the green on woodies with the blond wood.

I have always admired this daily driver with lots of good stuff.  Looks old but was brand new a few years ago.  I know it was sold but I don’t know who to.

The car had a real Auburn dash and panel with the correct gauges installed.  Note the cool interior and three pedals.  I believe it had a 327 with a 4 speed mounted in a SO-CAL chassis.

Frank had a very nice 3 window driver that he tooled around TO in for a couple of years.

If you have the bucks then go all out with your hiboy 33 three window.  This is one of my favorites.

I like this retro looking three window that Warren put together for his customer.  The chop is flawless inside and out.

Here is another nice hiboy 34.  Note the top hinge has been removed from both coupes.  I still have a nice 34 hood from Lucy that I am keeping just in case.

A magazine car and deserving this 34 real hot rod was immaculate.  Chopped and channelled this one is right on the money.

If you want to attract attention then this is the paint job for your 40 coupe. Magazine’s love this color combination.

Thanks to Walt I was informed about this Sasche Rod Shop transmission cooler mounting bracket.  You can mount the cooler in a 90 degree position to your frame and have air circulate through both sides.

Here is photo with it mounted to a B&M Super Cooler.  Both items are inexpensive, functional and look good under the car.  Thanks Walt.

Here is another daily driver with some neat accessories.  I love the Mercury steering wheel and necker knob.

 Today’s high dollar daily driver….dreaming!

Here is your high dollar daily driver.  The workmanship on this roadster is first cabin and was done by some of the best people in the business.  The chassis is a work on art by Ionia Hot Rod Shop in MI.

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