Monday’s Update

It was a football weekend at Pewsplace.  Saturday was the big number one and two college teams fighting it out in a lackluster game.  Sunday was full of rain and lots of good football with the Giants coming out on top against the Patriots.  I did manage to remove the brake pedal assembly in Andre and clean it up for painting.  I am not sure if I am going to use a power booster as Ruby stops on a dime without a booster. Fred likes the booster but I think it is more hype than anything else.  I am not sure a 7 inch booster is going to do much for stopping the car any better than without a power assist.  In any case I made a pattern for an adapter to use the dual Mustang disc/drum unit I have always used.  My friend Bob needs one also so I will make up two pieces.  He sold his coupe at Long Beach yesterday and will be starting on his 37 truck next and will use the same set up as I am using on Andre.

Dave went to the Nojoqui Falls event yesterday and sent along some nice photos.  I don’t think it rained in Solvang as the photos look dry.  The event attracts lots of cars from the area and the coastal region.  The weather kept most cars in the garage in the LA area so football was a blessing to those of us stuck inside for the day.  The week doesn’t look good weather wise so I need to plan my work days in the garage and keep focused.

Stay Tooned!


John builds some really nice cars and this is his latest.  He has been a fixture in the Michigan hot rod culture for many years.  Always the innovator this hiboy sedan has all the tricks he is known for.  See the JJ for details.

Phil liked the flamed blog but is very partial to his beautiful flamed Deuce roadster. The top on this car is one of the best I have seen.  Terry Hegman, master metal craftsman, did the work and it came our perfect.  Steve Davis did one on the “55” Deuce with the DuVall windshield back in the 80’s.

Phil likes it both ways and drive his Deuce everywhere.  Now this is living high in a Deuce roadster.  How do they keep their hats on?


Standard woodies make a nice looking hot rod.  I saw this one at SB and really liked the overall theme of the build.  The front end treatment on the standard for this year was a carry over from 38 with a small modification.  The did not make a 38 standard woody and if you recall the 38 standard grille you can see why.

Yes, Deuce 3 windows are still popular with steel wheels and louvered hoods.  This style will always be my favorite.

I am still a sedan delivery fan and this 46 looked good to me.  I don’t recall seeing this one around but I like it.  I wonder if Bobby had his 46 in attendance?

Here is another Deuce with a neat top on a DuVall windshield.  I have not seen this one either.

The smoothed out woody looks good.  Note the one piece windshield, frenched headlights, and absence of door handles.  I wonder if Ruby would like the Halibrands?  Jim is changing his to tan steelies to join the movement of steel wheels are in.

The 1939 tudor deluxe is a good looking car and this maroon example was available for all to view.  Looks like an LS motor with all the trimmings.  Nice car.

The 39 Deluxe coupe has nice lines.  The windshield wiper and  frame set it apart from the 40 coupe.

Bob has another 39 coupe for sale.  This one is a very nice driver with a souped up flatty and Lyon blue paint.  Give him a call if you have an interest in this coupe.  626-791-0707  ask for Bob.

Today’s Deuce in progress….dreaming!

Rex saved another one but got mixed up on the wheels. Big and littles but in reverse.  See the JJ under Rex Rogers.

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