Monday’s Update

We had a beautiful fall weekend in La.  The weather was perfect for doing whatever you wanted to do.  You could just relax, take a drive in the roadster or attend one of the several end of the month events that take place in the valley.  Jane and I worked on Andre and finished the front suspension installation and installed the rear suspension less springs.  I drilled out the rivets and installed the new brackets in about 2 hours which isn’t bad.  All you need is a little patience and a good eye for drilling in the center of the rivets.  I continue to get lucky on rivet removal.  I still have the center section to go which is full of rivets and difficult to reach in some spots.  I may use the hot wrench for the top ones or at least to heat them to remove the rust. The weather was so nice I decided to clean the 57 Ford wagon rear axle housing.  We are lucky in California as the housings are virtually rust and pit free making clean up easy.  I spent about three hours on the housing and it came out perfect.  I cleaned up the welds and polished the rough spots with my ro-loc pads.  I will install the housing prior to powder coating to make sure the spring pads don’t need changed for the pinion angle or spring width.  I bolted the last one I did to the stock spring pads and they fit great.  The day ended and I was tired from all the sanding and standing in one spot for extended periods of time.

I have some photos from the Santa Barbara Concours d Elegance that Dave sent along.  I have never attended the show at the Polo grounds but it looks like they had some nice hot rods on display.  I will be headed to the NHRA Twilight Cruise on Wednesday to see some old friends.

Stay Tooned!


The Roadster Shop built this Speed 33 with a track nose and I love the workmanship on this modern day classic.

Paul’s Deuce was looking top notch on the Polo grounds with the big boys.  I never grow tired of this one.

The Westergard Roadster was as found and needs to be studied for the changes that were made to this period classic.


Note the wheel covers, the sunken license plate the padded top.  The gas tank has seen its better days.

Yes, I have a soft spot in my heart for the 39 convertible sedan.  this one appears to stock.

A black 40 coupe is always welcome on the Polo grounds.  This is a pure classic of the forties.

I have seen this photo in Rod and Custom but I can’t recall who owned it back then.  I first thought it was Neal East’s but his was Colbalt Blue.  Dick Brogdon of Boyds owned Neal’s car for a time when I lived in IL.

I also have a love of the 40 convertible especially when they look like this one does. Boyd used to have one like this in the 90’s.  The 40 rag looks best with the top down in my opinion.  Someday!

I chased these two 39’s down to a garage near Frantic’s shop but was not able to purchase them.  The owner later died and the widow sold them both for a very low price.

Today’s 40 coupe….dreaming!

Plain and simple is the style for a 40 coupe.  Steve is still looking for his and he prefers the standard model to go with his deluxe sedan.

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