Monday’s Update

Jane and I left early Saturday morning to avoid the traffic through LA. The morning was overcast and quite cool for LA. San Pedro is a little over an hour drive from our house and traffic was light so we arrived in good time. The first cars we saw were 32 Fords… a whole line of roadsters and coupes. Some of the LA Roadster Club showed up to support the event. My friend Walt soon spotted us and we were off to look at the beautiful woodies. Walt and his family drove two of his woodies to the event and were snuggled up in blankets to keep warm. The event was very well organized and we really enjoyed ourselves. This was the first Woody event I have attended in a couple of years and I hope to attend several more this year. I am once again hooked on old Ford woodies.

You may notice that Pewsplace has a new look. My wonderful son has designed a new look. The site is much easier to navigate for both me and the viewer. Don’t worry, all of the old post are still available for your viewing. I will soon be adding some advertisers to help defray the cost of the site and help pay for my new Woody…

Stay Tooned!


Larry’s old 3 window was a subject in Rod and Custom many years ago. This mint body and sheet metal sat in a backyard before being discovered and made into the beauty you see here. Click on picture for printable picture.

Owner told us this is his budget Boyd red roadster. The car was very nice with a super interior in light camel leather. Coil over front was one that Lil’John started in the 80’s.

Alloway and Boyd built this roadster as a Shades of Past giveaway car many years ago. The car still looks good and has a Boyd IFS with a Champ rear end. A low front stance is achievable with the IFS… really nice.

Larry’s current Deuce roadster is all black with a baby Hemi. Jane and I followed him to P-Town a few years ago and he picked up a large bolt than pierced his rear tire. He has lots of stories about this roadster. Larry also has a Deuce sedan delivery and RPU.

A very rare 37 roadster showed up for all of us to admire. I have seen this cars many times but always have to have a second look as the owner keeps making changes like a true hot rodder should.

The above fellow should have this 37 woody to go with the roadster. This was one of several 37’s in attendance. I am attracted to the color…Cordoba Tan.

No Woody meet is complete without a band and this was a good one. They were playing when we arrived and still going strong when we left. I saw one women dance to every song.

Walt has his favorite Woody in attendance. His wife and I agree this car rides better than my Denali. He did an interview for the local cable TV station.

This is Walt’s 47 Woody that he has had for a few years. I have featured it before as it still has a stock axle with PS/Pb and A/C… spoiled is the word. Walt, I am saving my money.

Today’s Woody…dreaming!

A very rare chopped Merc Woody showed up. The car was perfect and unique in that it only had one seat with a wood rear sedan delivery looking rear floor.

Can you imagine how many hours of finishing Chris must have spent finishing this rear deck?

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