Monday’s Update

I think most of you have seen the Tom Medley fire and the Las Vegas Indy serious crash that involved 15 cars and resulted in the death of Dan Wheldon.  I was saddened by both events and thought what a loss to both a young and elderly man. Tom purchased the car from Dave Enmark, who left us a few years ago, and built the car in his garage with help from some of his friends.  Tom is fine and will continue on with his magnificent life, but Dan, who was only 33 years old will be doing his racing in heaven.  I know that death is part of life but not at such a young age.  Danica escaped the wreck as she sensed something was wrong with the cars ahead of her.  I hope we don’t have anymore problems for a long time.

I spent the weekend working on Andre’s front suspension and have it installed back under the car.  I had to shorten the wishbones 1/2 inch and weld in the bungs.  The front end is now complete and I am going to install the rear springs this week.  I will then have a roller which is always a good feeling when building a hot rod.  Bob O and I may run down to the Limeworks to pickup our horn kit and see what he is building in his neat shop.  Steve always has time for you when you visit him.

I hope to attend the Hot Rod Reunion on Friday and take lots of photos.

Stay Tooned!


This will make a grown man cry.  I don’t know what survived on the coupe but the chassis is probably just fine.  The sheetmetal can really take a beating in a fire like this.  Tom is in good shape other than his loss of history and his garage. Somethings can’t be replaced but at least you have found memories to take with you.

There are lots of 40 coupes left that can be purchased and will help heal the pain.  This one is on the block and looks nice.

If you need more room this 41 SD is also for sale and is very complete.

This photo is my inspiration to have Andre blasted.  Note the roof has been coated with POR 15 or some rust inhibiter.

I know Gary was close to Tom and his car.  This is Gary’s 40 coupe which is the best sitting 40 I have seen in a long time.

I am still a fan of the convert and have owned a couple over the years.  The top bows need to be reworked to make the top look good and not so bulky.

Bob built this one a few years ago for Mike but I have not seen it since it was completed.  Love the color and the clean firewall.


Note how nice the deck lid fits.  Forties are notorious for bad fitting hoods and deck lids.  Bob can make them perfect.

Now here is one for me.  My last one looked just like this and ran perfect for all the years I owned it.

Today’s 40….dreaming!

Steve has the 40 convert I want.  I am saving my money for the one.  He has all nice cars in his collection.


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