Monday’s Update

Sometimes things just fall in place and sometimes they never seem to come together.  I have been working on Lucy (33 roadster) for over 5 years and Andre (40 SD) for about 2 years.  I have always enjoyed the building process more than the driving but lately I have been enjoying the driving process with Ruby (47 Woody). The wife seems to really enjoy going with me to the events for the first time in over 40 years.  I think our age has a lot to do with the sudden interest and that’s O.K. by me.

I had mixed emotions about finishing the roadster, even after my wife told me to go ahead.  Yes, I do consult her on most big decisions as she is my partner in life.  I completed the engine installation and was really focused on the project but really was more interested in doing the delivery.  I placed an ad and within a week the roadster was adopted by a good family in CA.  I know the buyer and he will finish her in a fine style.  I had put a lot of work, sweat and dollars into the car but just couldn’t get it all together.  I always hate see projects leave the garage, but there is always another one waiting in the garage for my attention.  Thanks to all of you who sent along some inspirational notes on Lucy and I appreciate your comments.  The owner promised to send me some updates and I will post them.

After a somewhat sad day for me on Saturday, Sunday turned out to be a fantastic day at the Roaming Relics car show in Moorpark. The attendance was near 400 cars and the weather was car show perfect.  I walked and talked until I needed to rest and then walked some more.  This is the last car show I attend locally and this year was special as it helped me keep the flame burning.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a fresh deuce 3 window that looked very nice.  The body was produced by Wescott and it looked like a real deal 3 window.  If you have to ask….why bother. Dan in Ventura built the car and I like it a lot.  The old style louvered hood helped the image.

I like to stand in the entry line and listen to the rump-rump of the cars that come driving in.  This Henry J was really a bad sounding machine.  Remember these going down the strip?

Jeff drove his Hemi powered 4o sedan to the show along with his 31 Vicky in tow.

There were a couple of new shoeboxes at the show.  Both were made into hardtops. Copper was used rather than chrome.

Probably one of the nicest 40/41 Ford pickups built in recent years is this golden beauty.  The car featured a fully detailed engine, undercarriage and interior.  Built on a traditional theme with modern appointments like IFS and air bags.  This was my favorite car/truck at the show.

A full dressed flatty is hard to beat in an early style build.  This truck had big $$$ invested and it was done to perfection.

Clean and simple interior fit the overall theme of the build.  The paint was flawless as was all the workmanship.

Bill had his real deal 3 window in attendance.  The car used to be a full fendered ride until he decided to give it the “Hot Rod” look.

Bill loves the early look for his interiors and leans toward the maroon with cream piping look.  I like it!

The builder of this little cutie had to answer a lot of questions from the crowd.  The car was built from early parts and has a SBC for motivation.  This is an inexpensive build with lots of fun written all over it.

Your basic T build speedster with all the correct components installed.  My late friend Ed, was in the process of building his dream T when he moved up to the big rod run in the sky.

Today’s adopted project…. a sad day!

Terry was looking over Lucy and thinking about what he was going to do next.  She is going to a good home so I am happy that someone will give her the attention she deserves.

The final view as Lucy left for the long drive home.  She will be missed.


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