Monday’s Update

We had a perfect weekend in La.  Bright sunshine and clear air made the hot rods come out in mass.  I spent Saturday working on Andre’s lower quarter panels. Someone in the 60’s had installed some lower homemaide patch panels and bondoed over them.  They looked terrible when you looked underneath the running board.  I had to remove rusted screws and spot welds from the panel in order to provide a clean surface to weld in the new Bob Drake panels.  He does not specify a sedan delivery patch panel but they are the same as a coupe.  The delivery has a wood “B” pillar and the coupe has a metal one so you need to trim the panel to weld to the quarter panel.  I spent almost 4 hours removing the old patch but it now is ready for the new panel.

My son and his wife were at the Queen Mary for a wedding so Jane and I headed to Long Beach to have brunch on the ship.  I have been to the Queen Mary several times with GM but never spent much time looking over the ship.  We went on the tour and enjoyed the history of the ship from 1936 to present.  I was impressed with the engine compartment and the 200,000 hp engine as well as the cabins for First Class passengers.  I am not a cruise ship patriot but I could really relate to the history of this ship.

While in Long Beach we drove by the Motorama and viewed all the hot rods on the lawn.  It looks like they had a great turnout for the show.  I did  not have time to stop but many photos are on the HAMB.  We finally arrived home in time to watch the football game and fall asleep early.

Stay Tooned!


Yes, the ship requires some serious hp to cross the Atlantic.

I know this is not car related, but if you want a great brunch go visit the Queen Mary on Sunday.  This is the Grand Salon and seats several hundred for Brunch.

Bob needs to build a dolly like this to panit his new sedan.  I build one of these for every car I have.  Mobility is the key for people who have several projects in the garage.  The paint job looks $$$.

Steve in IL was going to update the engine this winter so he could drive his sedan delivery in the left lane.

The interior is perfect and is the way a nice hot rod should be done.  Henry didn’t do much wrong in his initial design.

Four door Deuces make the perfect family car.  Kugel sold this one a few years ago. Nice ride.

This is more my style and is one of my favorite Brizio builds.

33 roadsters are rare and this one with a hemi is really rare.

Dick has my style and he still drives the wheels off of this beauty.  I shot this photo at the LARS when he drove out from St. Louis.

Today’s perfect pair….dreaming!

Both of these driven Deuces are sitting outside Roy’s shop  where I took this photo.  The coupe is really a nice hiboy and well maintained.  Dennis has driven his thousands of miles since completion.

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  3. Lynn,

    I was really surprised to see our 32 Sedan Delivery in today’s blog. I sold the 4 cylinder engine and trans for good money – almost enough to pay for the parts and machine work to rebuilt the flathead V8 going back into car! The front motor mounts are finished and I’m putting together a ’39 trans. For now I’m going to run the stock iron heads and intake on the ’42 81A engine from the Woodie that you saw in Santa Barbara last year. The plan is to paint the engine and trans black with a few chrome dodads and to ceramic coat the intake, Red’s headers and the rest of the exhaust. I will email pictures as soon as I get the engine and trans back in the chassis.

    P.S. The S.D. won First in the ‘Touring A’ class (modified with dropped axle) at the Early Ford V8 Club Central Meet in Auburn, IN. They actually let all the modified flathead powered cars park among the restored cars!!


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