Monday’s Update

The wife is out of town so Bob O and I headed out Friday to see Mike Fennel’s Garage.  Mike has a large restoration shop and does Pebble Beach quality restorations. He also is a hot rodder and offered to give us a tour of the facility. Mike likes all types of cars and has several completed cars to choose from when he attends local shows.  He is partial to 57 Buick station wagons and has several completed and parts cars stored in the display area. We spent a couple of hours with Mike and were really impressed with the quality of cars that come out of Mike’s Garage. Thank you Mike for the time you spent with us.

We then headed to LA to pickup the gas tank that Bob O had repaired.  We had to wait at the welding shop while the man TIG welded the stainless tank back together. I watched him purge the tank in order to control the weld on the inside of the tank. Purging is required when welding stainless although I have never done it with any stainless I have welded.  He has been welding in the same shop for 43 years and knows his stuff.  We headed home and it was a long productive day.

Saturday we headed to Long Beach to see another 40 sedan Bob O was interesting in.  The owner lives in a beautiful old house built in 1933 and I fell in love with the old house.  The home and grounds were beautiful and spacious.  You could have a twenty car garage instead of the tennis court.  Large lots like that are not available anymore.  The 40 sedan was a daily driver but sounded really good with a lumpy cam in a 302 Ford.  Bob O is still wanting a nice 40 sedan to drive and I am sure will locate the right one soon.

I spent all day Sunday working on Lucy’s hood and fender panels.  If you have never tried to fit a 33 hood to a Wescott body you should consider yourself lucky.  I was only able to fit one side and it still needs work.  The wife will be home tomorrow so I need to make the bed and do the dishes.

Stay Tooned!


This is Mike’s shop truck that he has owned for years.  The sheet metal is flawless.  Note the exhaust stacks coming out the running boards.

Mike was working on his wife’s 50 Mercury.  The paint on this car is a true work of art.  Fit and finish are as good as it gets when coming out of Fennel’s Garage.

One of several Buick station wagons owned by Mike.  This one has a street rodded chassis with all the creature comforts installed.

Stored away in Mike’s massive facility is this cherry 40 tudor sedan.  He has not started on this one but I looked it over and it is a super nice car.  No bondo used as it didn’t require any.

A friend of mine was involved in a wreck which pushed in the rear bustle clear to the rear side window.  Dick settled with insurance company and Mike bought it and made it new again.  All metal finished.  Yes, I know a smoothie but the car was built in that era.

Mike likes customs and this fleetline was a prime example of his work.  The paint jobs are very high quality as are the interiors. This one was powered by a TPI unit. There were several more to look at in his storage facility.  He likes Chevrolets of the 50’s.

This is the late Tommy Sparks Pierce Arrow that needed some quality work performed. Tommy Sparks was the famous racer and Edelbrock engine builder of the 50’s.

Greg had his nice sedan parked in the back for us to inspect.  The car has a great stance for a sedan.

One of my favorites was his 34 tudor.  He likes 5-spokes as you can tell.  The car sits very low in the front as can be seen here.

Bob O was checking out the 29 pickup project that Greg is building.

Today’s 40 sedan delivery….dreaming! 

Cruising for a Cure at Orange county on Saturday had a nice delivery for sale.  It looks like CMG. I like it but can’t believe how low the price was on the windshield.




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