Monday’s Update

The wife and I ventured over to the Elks Club car show on Sunday and had a great time and a good lunch.  This is the first time I had been to the show and was surprised how many cars showed up.  We parked Ruby in the shade, set up the lawn chairs and walked the show in the morning, had lunch and relaxed in the afternoon.  The weather was hot so we came home and jumped in the pool. Somedays are meant for relaxing and Sunday was one of them.

I did talk  to several of my friends who went to Louisville and they had a great time but said there were lots of late model cars in attendance.  I think that is just a sign of the times in today’s car show events.  The old world of Hot Rod or Street Rod nomenclature is no longer a good term for the shows being held today.  Car events are for all types of cars and we better get used to the landscape or hold our own shows.  Yesterday, I looked at model T’s, A’s, B’s, Corvette’s, Porsche’s and many other brands that were in attendance. I would prefer all old Fords but I don’t think that is in the cards for local shows.  I have adapted by looking at my likes and admiring the rest for having an interest in cars and preserving them to their taste.  The Throttler’s Car show at JCP is coming up September 18th and is one of my favorites for old Ford Hot Rods.  I must say that the Woody shows are really a lot of fun and still are pretty much limited to Woodies.  I am taking Ruby to Santa Barbara next weekend and Jane and I are looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones.

I have a great week planned for working on the roadster.

Stay Tooned!


A tudor tub always looks good and this local car is always spotless.  The driver is a big fellow and just didn’t fit in the 4 door version.

Am immaculate 40 Ford 4 door was very very straight and looked fresh.  He added radial tires for the good ride but the rest was all stock.

A very rare 41 Pontiac Woody was also at the show.  He went with us to Santa Barbara last year and is going again next week.

Gary parked his 46 rag in the same location as Ruby and we discussed the beauty of these post war convertibles.

He installed a MII to achieve the lowered look in the front end.  The car is a stock light Tucson Tan color with a SBC, 700r4, and A/C.

I spent Saturday washing and waxing Ruby so she would look good in the park.  Keeping the wood clean is a big job on a Woody.

Steve had his own Forty Ford Day at his place and sent along some photos of his prizes.  The coupe has quite a history as does the convertible and the sedan.

Steve just recently acquired the CMG sedan from a fellow V8’r.  It looks like the hot rod coupe has the stance in this threesome.

C&G has a very nice SD that they drive everywhere.  A Ford in a Ford makes it true to their business of supplying Ford parts to all of us.  They have one of the best catalogs out there.

Here is a look at the inside structure of Tom’s DuVall windshield.  The front header is made of steel with the top material wrapped around the steel and glued in place.

Roy can make a DuVall windshield look good on any car.  This stunning 35 was looking good at the LARS last year.  Roy likes Mercury hubcaps and wheels.

Today’s Engine….dreaming!

The generator looks good on the HHR built Deuce roadster.  I am concerned about the fan and radiator clearance on this set up.

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