Monday’s Update

The good news is that the Lakers are on their way to another appearance in the finals. The car scene was slight this weekend as Mother’s Day took precedence over working in the garage or going to the Long Beach Swap meet. I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Our children were not with us but wished “Mom” a good day.

I have the cleanest garage in town and now I am afraid to go work on anything. I dreamed a lot about the roadster for some reason… maybe it was because I had the car outside for the first time in months. She looks good and I just need about another $30K to finish it. Maybe someday my ship will come in.

I have received lots of pictures from readers including the Brizio Shop Party..

Stay Tooned!



John has a fleet of traditional cars. This real deal hiboy has a great LA history.


He also has this 5 window with a hemi. Saturday at the Donut Derelicts….Thanks Rich.


This is a driveway somewhere out east. HAMB photo. The tub has been one of my favorites for a long time.


Sid had his 5 window at Roy’s. I think it used to have bias tires which really fit the car.


How about a 37 woody in progress at Roy’s! The hood fit looks great as does the whole car. Walt has one completed as well as Gary, both are killer hot rod 37 woodies.


Roy had anothe Deuce sedan hiboy going together. I can’t read the sign but it looks like a copy of Mariani’s 3 window.
I want this one for sure.


This photo shows the QC installation with the model A spring and sway bar arrangement. Very nice!


Tom had his 3 window in the line of 3 windows. The first one is Ted’s with Boyd chassis, the second one is Tom’s and I do not know the thrid one.


Washington Blue Deuce pickup was outstanding. Washington Blue is the new red of the eighties. Tacoma Cream wheels are back and work with many colors.

Today’s sedan…dreaming.


Chris has his sedan hiboy ready for the Washington Blue paint and a new Quick Change. This young talent is going to have a big future ahead of him.

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