Monday’s Update

The weekend was very productive and the weather cooperated most of the time with period of showers on Sunday.  I was focused to achieve my goal of installing the engine in Lucy’s nice chassis.  My wife and I worked for about an hour and half and we had everything in place.  The pivot plate makes the installation almost fool proof. We did not scratch any paint and the motor mount bolts slid right through the mounts without issue.  If you have a strong back you could install the engine by yourself using this tool.  Thanks Walt for the load of the Pivot Plate.

My goal now is to get the engine and driveline connected in order to take my first drive around the block.  This is always a wonderful and self gratifying time for the home builder.  I make lots of lists in order not to forget anything.  In fact, I make the list over and over again until I am satisfied that I have not forgot anything.  I tape the list to the car in the area that I can see easily when doing the final assembly.  I hope to finish the project in the next month.

I have not heard about the car shows this weekend but I am sure I will have some photos by tomorrow.

Stay Tooned!


Here is the early morning shot of the engine going in the chassis.  Note the position of the Pivot Plate arm.  Jane is pushing the cherry picker for me.

I am adjusting the engine downward toward the transmission mount.  This is very easy to do by using a 1 1/8 inch wrench.  The screw mechanism works very easily if you keep it greased.

The engine is now mounted in place ready for final assembly of the remaining components.

I had made the head pipes a year or so ago and wanted to make sure they still fit.  It is tight but will function properly.  The open spot on the chassis is the VIN number for the DMV verifier.  That is next, now that I have the engine installed.

I had tacked the side tubing to my steel header and needed to rework them into a smoother transition into the windshield.

I trimmed the passenger side to my meet the post and with final welding the blend will be seamless.  Progress on Lucy made her a happy girl this past weekend.

I had a question concerning using a flattened rear crossmember and a 40 spring.  Here is one example of how to do it.  R&C did an article on the conversion a few years ago.

Another approach for using the 40 spring is to straighten out the curved section of the 32-34 rear crossmember.  I used to heat and beat but this is a much nicer way to accomplish the task.  Taken from the HAMB.

If you want the more modern look this set up does the same thing.  It all depends on what style of car you are building.  It seems lots of people are going back to where it all started for their new projects.  I like both styles but this one is much stronger and more dependable than the early Ford components.

Here is another early style of front suspension that works well.  I can’t tell about the steering arm but it appears to be welded to the spindle boss.  I wouldn’t recommend this but I have seen it done numerous times without incident.  The look replicates the 32-34 spindle.

Tomorrow’s Travel Trip….Reality show on Pewsplace!

George took this wonderful photo from his 3 window coupe.  I don’t think you would want to tangle with the big boy.  Somewhere in the Wyoming wilderness the little Deuce coupe encounter the “King of the Road”.

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