Monday’s Update

We were certainly blessed with perfect weather this past weekend and I was able to accomplish what I set out to do on Lucy.  I did have some problems getting the torque converter to seat properly but after some emery cloth and lube it slipped right into place.  I also cleaned the crankshaft pilot and lubed the surface for the converter spigot to engage without binding.  I did none of this on my last install and I wanted to make sure I did not have to do it over on Lucy.  I still need to have some help for the actual install but it is all ready and the chassis has been raised for the cherry picker to clear the axle.

While I was working, I heard a hot rod and the gate and soon Alan was pulling in the driveway in my old 48 convertible I sold him a couple of years ago.  We immediately went for a drive and a visit to my neighbor who also owns a 48 convertible.  The car rides and handles like a new Lexus and Alan should be proud of his work.  He does everything from the bodywork and paint to the upholstery which is his main business. Sometimes dreams do come true for some people.  My wife loved the car and, of course, wanted to know when she was getting her 48 rag.  I think Alan told her he is keeping this one.  Great execution of a fat convertible build.

I am busy today making video’s to send to Australia to a potential buyer for Bob O’s beautiful 1940 Ford coupe.  Youtube is the best way to upload your video and distribute it to the public.  I am going to add some videos to my site in the next week or so.  What would we do without computers to make communication easy worldwide.  My other Bob friend called and mentioned that he sold his 40 coupe also.  It seems the market is picking up and 40 coupes are changing hands.  Where’s mine!

Stay Tooned!


Here is the 48 convert I drug home from Fresno a few years ago.  The car was totally rust free and 90% complete.  I found the remaining parts but didn’t have the needed drive to finish the car.  I am a sucker for rust free cars in this condition.  You can see what you are buying and the price is always right.  You have to take any of them down to this condition if you want a nice frame up hot rod.

Same driveway but what a beautiful car the pile of parts turned into.  Alan made it happen with a lot of hard work and skill.  The stance is killer in my mind.

The top has been chopped 1 1/2 inches which is no easy task.  Alan made all the window pieces and redid the irons.  I love the look with the top up.

A Ford in a Ford is a good way to go for a different look.  The 351 pushes the heavy convertible down the road in style.

The stock seats were reupholstered in a nice rich dark red vinyl with a touch of modern styling.

The trunk is fully upholstered to match the interior and has a hidden compartment for the battery and tools.  Conejo Upholstery can do hot rods as they are hot rod owners themselves.

I have everything ready to go in this photo but need to raise the transmission to meet the engine squarely.

I used the floor jack to raise the transmission and it slide right over the dowels.  Some days everything just works.

I had to raise the chassis to allow for the cherry picker arms to slide under the axle. Now for the pizza and beer party.

Where were you in 1956…dreaming again!

You know you were wanting everything the local speed shop had to offer but credit cars weren’t invented yet. This is a candy store for sure!

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