Monday’s Update

Some light rain dampened the weekend for car shows but we still had a nice showing in the Simi Town Center.  The day cleared up and the wife and I headed to the show. The Cops are the main sponsors of the show so they had some of their cars on display.  Funny, I never thought I would see Cops who liked Hot Rodders.  In my day, we were their target for giving tickets.  My little town is full of retired Policeman and many are car guys.  I support the show and took a few photos for you.

I had planned on taking Ruby to Fred’s today but it is still raining in Simi and Woodies don’t like the rain.  I broke down and went to the new “Office” this morning instead of Fred’s and the crowd was light due to the rain.  I don’t know why people can’t drive in the rain but I saw 4 accidents on my way over and back.  I can’t imagine those bias belt tires in the rain but I am sure they slide around.  I do like the looks on early cars but not on the everyday drivers.

My wonderful talented son, the graphic designer, gave me an early Father’s Day present.  He created a new Pewsplace logo that I can use on some wearables.  I hope to have some shirts very shortly.  He has a lot of artistic talent of which I have none. Thanks Chris.

Stay Tooned!


Ron has sent me some photos of his owner built top on his Deuce.  Can you imagine seeing this on the 210 freeway at 6:00 am on the way to Pomona?

The rear view shows his approach to building the top.  He likes the exposed wood bows and irons which he reworked to fit the chopped windshield.

Nice little Deuce roadster with a different style top using Gates irons and BoB’s top design.  Albert did the top in a classic white vinyl.

A very nice 54 wagon was in attendance.  Alan built this one a few years ago and sold it to a young man who drives it everywhere.

Billy loves his Model A coupe which used to be Bob o’s.  He has finished the car with all the best early stuff he could find.  What no flathead!

Bob O’s little great grand daughters looked cute standing in front of his chopped Mercury.

1940 Ford pickups will always be in style in my book,  Sitting just right this primered example only needs the bumpers to be complete.

You can’t beat a black roadster with a black top and maroon wheels.  This Utah based beauty will be at the LARS for you to admire.  This is the Bop Top version with a SO-CAL windshield.

Here is my Father’s Day present from my son.  I really like and it should look good on shirts and hats.

I wonder where the Bay Area Roadster Club will be parked this year?  Roy is a member so maybe they will be next to his booth.  Are you getting excited…I am!

Today’s Roadster….Dreaming!

Mo’s Deuce roadster has been completely restored by some of the best craftsman in the business.  This is at Pebble Beach a few years ago.  I hope Jack brings in out this year for us to admire.  My friend Don went to school with Mo in the LA area.

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  2. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is basically a online game where you can do anything you want. Second life is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you want to see more you can see these sl authors and blogs

  3. Lynn,

    I did not know that Alan Wray built that 1954 Ford Station Wagon. You are right about the current owner driving it all over. He has attended the last three (3) years Down By The Riverside Kern Valley Rotary and Kickback in Kernville shows.



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