Monday’s Update

As soon as I walked in the “Office” today, I could tell the roadster driver’s who drove to San Luis.  Don’s face was bright red and his eyes outlined in pure white from his goggles.  The boys did not take their tops and hit rain and bright sun going up and back the 101 coast drive.  Don said it was worth it and he is ready to go again.  Don is 80 and still driving the roadster.  Steve and Frank sent along some pictures from the show and it seems it was a wonderful day in the park for the roadsters.  Thanks for the photos.

Dave went to the Santa Barbara show and took some photos of the cars he liked.  I stayed home in the rain and cold weather and watched the “The Players” golf tournament which was not as good as the roadster show but it did provide me with some entertainment for the weekend.  I am healing but very slowly.  I am looking forward to going to the CCC show this Sunday.

I hope you had a full weekend with your cars.

Stay Tooned!


Eric drove this pre-war looking hiboy roadster with stock everything except the motor.

Tom drove this 40 coupe and stayed dry and warm the entire time.  Tom’s car is an axle car with a beautiful Gabe’s interior and Frantic’s A/C conversion.

The mellow yellow 3 window had the look and had the hood off like we did in the high school days we all remember.  Note the stock horn.

My friend Jim owned this car for a long time and then sold in back to someone in CA who drove it to the show.  The color is Winter Leaf Light Brown a stock Deuce color.

Seldom seen these days is a 29 phaeton with some unusual wheels.  The back seat passengers need blankets this time of year.

There were lots of roadsters in attendance which meant their were lots of Bob Tops to keep out the rain.

Bernie purchased his roadster in 1940 and is still driving the car to several events.  I saw this one at the PRC a few years ago.

Larry had this one for sale and Steve spent some time looking at the build.  An older built glass car with some good looks.

Soon to be featured in the TRJ is this Roadster Shop built 33 track roadster.  This car was in their booth at the GNRS but was not in contention.

The interior is a masterpiece in design and execution.  Note cowl steering and manual transmission.

Today’s roadster….dreaming!

I like the color BRG on Deuces.  The cream wheels, tan top and blackwalls give the car a nice overall appearance.

The rear has the Pontiac tail lights and large exhaust tips to make mega noise going down the coast.

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