Monday’s Update

We couldn’t have ask for a better weekend.  A little cool in the morning but roadster weather by noon.  I headed over to the annual B&M car show on Sunday and spent a couple of hours looking at mostly muscle cars and B&M’s extensive product line.  I know if I wanted a blower or shifter I would look to them for a super well established Brand like Hurst or McLeod.  The venue was new this year and was in great place for me.  I didn’t have to walk a country mile to see the cars.  I chatted with Banana Dick and then came home to enjoy the sunshine.

I am taking it real easy this week as the old back is acting up again and I cannot sit long at my workstation.

Stay Tooned!


The show trophies were really cool and someone did a lot of work.  Awards were given to 50 cars so everyone had a chance for one of these treasures.

TT is a very trick track nose T beauty that shows up at most valley shows.

My friend Steve was an early bird with his nice 57 Nomad which he drives all up and down the coast to antique trailer shows.

He had his surfer bar set up for a tailgate party.  The hamburgers were a little plastic tasting but I had one anyway.

High end muscle cars are what dominate this show and this Mustang with a Roush engine and  major body modifications was one my favorites of the muscle cars.

I spent some time looking at this primo 55 post.  I have always had a thing for this model and it just spells high school hot rod for me.  Buddy Beal had the fastest post in the city and surrounding cities where we would race on Saturday night.

While not quite finished this 41 custom had a lot of lookers early in the morning.  Maroon was the color back then especially if Barris painted it.

Most old guys like me kept coming back to this little cutie.  A famous midget in 1947 in SO-CAL and was powered by a Studebaker.

An early Foose (Sam) 40 coupe with a chopped top and slanted B pillars.  He keeps it immaculate.  The small nerf bars are a Foose trademark.

Today’s sedan….dreaming!

I was hoping he would be in attendance as I love the Conejo Upholstery  style in this hammered Deuce.  I am sure this is an old build that has been restored.  I love it!

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