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I was reading an article the other day about Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake, CA.  The writer was disappointed because all he saw were muscle cars and very few hot rods.  It is very hard to attend a local run or favorite restaurant and see a lot full on pre 1948 hot rods.  This should not be a surprise to anyone who is over the age of 60.  The old breed is dying off and many are too handicapped to drive their hot rods.  I attend a lot of events each year and this trend has been going on for sometime.  Both NSRA and Goodguys saw the demographics change dramatically over the past 5 years and changed the cut off dates.  We have many events such as the Throttlers show in Burbank that has a lot of hot rods (pre-1948) in attendance.  I am sure there are many more  shows that still attract the old hot rods, but there are only four that really excite me any more.  The LARS is the biggest event of the year for me and second would be the Pasadena Club Reliability Run which was cancelled this year.  Forty Ford Day in Lapalma Park which features over a 150 40 Fords in one spot is third  and the last one is the Outriders Picnic.  All of these shows charge admission fees and I am more than happy to pay them.  All of the above shows provide me with wonderful memories that are not soon forgotten.

Local cruise nights attract a lot of cars and big crowds but due to the changing demographics don’t expect to see hot rods outnumber muscle cars, late model Camaros and Mustangs.  I am with you on the love of pre-48 cars but I also know that the promoters know who is going to pay the rent.  Our group certainly expresses their opinion about the attendance but always show up for the show.  Many object to the $40 plus to enter you car and park their ride on the street or take the family car.  My position is no one forces you to attend car shows.  You do it because you love the hobby.  Promoters need to charge you an entry fee in order to pay expenses and make a buck or two.  I don’t mind that because without the promoter our cars would just sit in the garage and become a non-participant.  I don’t vote for that scenario.  We all need to be active in the hobby and support the promoters.  I look at the whole picture and consider the cost of admission my entertainment for the weekend.

Whatever your position on car shows and cruise nights I hope you keep going and talking to the promoter on ways he/she can attract more old time hot rods.

It is lunch time and gorgeous day in La which means I need to head out to the garage.

Stay Tooned!


Brian is looking forward to spring time in Tahoe.  He pushed his 46 delivery out for a great photo shoot.  He is really putting some effort in this delivery and it shows.

Don lives in a little milder climate (AZ) and sent along some photos of his latest Chevy acquisition.  I have always preferred the post model over the hardtop.  The wheels make it period perfect for me.

Don has a collection of tri-fives.  The nice 55 came from Jim at CCC.  Don has always been a traditional builder but to him these cars are very traditional and would have been a big hit in my high school days.  Nice pair, Don.

Frank has his newly acquired Deuce hiboy back on the road with a new paint job.  Note the SO-CAL insert and maroon dash.

Joe’s restoration at Crouse’s in CO is a thing of beauty.  I am sure thankful some people restore these legends instead of making them a modern day street rod.

This is a fresh Brizio  built car with a Sid’s interior.  Someday someone will restore it to its former beauty.  Roy has built some very nice roadsters over the years.  This is a real roadster if you know what I mean.  They are all real cars but only a few can have bragging rights.

Now your’e talking!  I would love to see a whole lot full of hot rods like this, but I will settle for just few.  The LARS is the place for the Hot Rods.  I love the 5 window for a change.

Sometimes a nice late model Ford delivery looks good to me.

This little 5 window would look good at Bob’s Big Boy or anywhere he wanted to go.  He needs a haircut before the race.

Today’s ride….dreaming!

John has another one of my favorite roadsters that Roy built.  I watched this one go together when I lived in the Bay area.  I copied the chassis for Lucy.  Mine will not feature the roll bar or Halibrands.  It might be nice to have a set of Halibrands for a different look.

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  3. Admission to Forty Ford Day has always been free for spectators. Club members get in free with their cars, as well. Annual dues as a measly $20, so why haven’t you joined? Steve

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