Monday’s Update

The weekend proved to be productive for a change.  The weather held until late afternoon yesterday so the wife and I really went to work cleaning the garage and moving the cars around.  I think we were inspired after seeing the “Adjustment Bureau” with Matt Damon.  I think all of us need some adjustment once in while to stay on track and pursue our dreams.  I have had Andre sitting in the garage for over a year in the same spot which means I cannot do any welding as it is too far from the welder.  I have been thinking about swapping places with Lucy (33 roadster project) and just never felt like doing the task.  If you read this blog you know that I built a jig to roll the body around and I am happy to say that yesterday, Bob O, my wife and I moved all the cars around in less than an hour.  Thanks to all of you for your assistance.  Sometimes we just need an “adjustment” to stay on course.  After a full day in the garage I was very pleased with the rearrangement of Pewsplace.

As you can imagine, I receive lots of email from my readers and they normally tell me about their projects.  I received one such response over the weekend with some amazing photos of one man’s projects and garage.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  Gary also sent me some photos of his breakfast meeting with the Legend of Danville, Tom Walsh, of Walsh’s Restorations.  I have featured many of his cars and projects over the years and now I will take you a little closer to the man on Friday’s Feature.  Thanks Gary.

Now that I am back in the garage I hope to make a lot of progress this week.

Stay Tooned!


After a year of resting Andre has now been relocated to the rehabilitation side of Pewsplace for some rework on his tired old body.

Thanks to my helpers he is now on the work side and can be rolled out the back for work without the HOA bothering me.  He likes it over on this side.  I sure need one of the new small TIG welders as this old girl really takes up the room.

Lucy has checked into her old room for some final touches.  She is not that kind of “Girl” but likes the spotlight with garage door open.  I need to install another headlight bulb.

Dick sent in these great photos of one of his flathead projects on the dyno.  He is serious about flatheads.

Dick’s garage looks like a hospital… it is so clean and well equipped with life support equipment for hot rods and flatheads.

How would you like to have your morning coffee in this “Office”?

Here is a man that knows his “Koul Tools”.  Dick has a very impressive garage and shop.

A “Run to the Sun” participant is his flathead Deuce roadster.  Nice ride.

He also has the Hollywood Graham project underway with lots of tricks and unique styling.  I am not sure what all the tubing connects but I am impressed with the fabrication efforts.

If you need roll up windows, Dick has this Cabriolet to drive in those hot AZ summers.  Stance is everything on a Deuce and this one nailed it.

Since we are talking flatheads, here is a Vern Tardell 8BA going in Mike’s CMG 40 coupe at the HRG in OK.  I know this will be sure to please him when completed.

Today’s Mercury….Bob O has the cars!

Bob O came over to help Jane and I move the junk around.  He is a true friend and a great car collector/builder.  A neighbor stopped him to take a picture.

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