Monday’s Update

It was a great weekend in LA for the roadsters. The weather was perfect and the PRC Reliability Run in Pasadena was really the best one to date. The event was very well organized and over 100 roadsters were in attendance. Our gang arrived early and started taking pictures and talking to the roadster owners. I know several of them so time flew by quickly. I wanted to obtain one of the T shirts, but I didn’t see the sign until they were all sold out. This year we grabbed a chair at the starting line and watched all of them take off on their run. The route was new this year so the co-pilot really had to be on alert for road signs and markers. This show is growing larger each year as the word gets out about how great the run is. The cars are of all styles and power plants, but most are flatheads with quick changes. My hat is off to the Pasadena Roadster Club for putting on the best one day event in LA. By the way this was the 11th PRC RR in the history of the club. The first one was in 1947. Mark you calendars for next year. If you love old roadsters that can take you on a trip…

Stay Tooned!



This is our gang in the parking lot. The convertibles are for comfort on a cold morning. Dave likes his 3 window which is always comfortable to him.


This year they had a 40 route truck to help out with any needed repairs.


The starting line for the 11th PRC Reliability Run. Frank was first in line as always. I think he went home with a 3 window to add to his fleet. Way to go Frank.


Pete was driving this beauty. The car has an Eastwood chassis and very straight sheetmetal.


The line up was starting to form very early in the morning.


The old Drake phaeton was looking good. Very stock with dropped axle. Maroon with black fenders. Nice!


Slick little T with a quickchange and cool stance. Driver was having fun on the run.


Channelled 34 hiboy with olds engine was from Nevada.


Too tall had his beautiful deuce in attendance. The car is very, very nice with a Cadillac mill.

Today’s roadster…dreaming!


Mort’s roadster is top shelf in my book. Right up there with Ken Gross’s beauty. I think Simard had a hand in this one.

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