Monday’s Update

I know most gearheads watched the Daytona 500 yesterday and were surprised at the young winner.  I can imagine the thrill this young man had when he was in the lead and knew he was going to win the big one.  I am happy Ford did well in the race and hopefully the slogan “What wins on Sunday, sells on Monday” applies to Ford.  In my career with GM I attended several Daytona 500 races as well as the Indy 500.  Watching on TV is a great thrill, but there is nothing like being at the race and watching close up.  The noise and crowd really get the adrenaline flowing.

I accomplished very little on my cars as the old back is not doing good.  I mainly stayed in the garage and did a lot of dreaming and planning.  I guess a man needs those kind of days also.  Planning your next step on your projects is really important and when you accomplish the task you feel really good about staying focused.  Andre’s next big move is to the blaster to have all that crud removed from the inside and outside of his body.  I can’t wait to see the outcome and pray it is a positive one.  Ajax is not busy so I should have him back home in a couple of days.

Stay Tooned!


This old tub found its way to Portland years ago and just sat for a long period of time.  Note the Carson style top bows that have been added to the stock irons.  John did the same to his.

From the HAMB comes a nice start on a tudor.  The car needs a haircut but has a great beginning.

A Winters QC is peeking out of the rear and the Model A spring is sure to please the traditional Hot Rodder.

Ionia can build you a stock looking chassis that is set up for the 350/350 and retains the K member look.  I am not sure what they charge for a chassis but I am sure it is reasonable for the amount of work performed.

Here is Bumper Iron Bob’s sedan with the shortened rear bumper irons.  They pull the bumper in where is should be.

Bob has sold over 800 sets of these precision bumper irons and still has a few more sets available.  They only come in a raw finish.  If you are interested let me know in the comment section below.

A sedan like this would be a nice choice for any collector.  You take a restored model 40 add juice brakes, a dropped axle, a strong flatty and you have obtained the hot rod look.

Imagine yourself in this cockpit looking over the custom wheel on a 40 column and a SW dash that has been installed on a highly customized dash board.  The windshield is a one off with curved glass.

Here is a better look at the roadster.  Smoothy even back then.  I am guessing it was jet black.  It doesn’t appear to have a dropped axle.

Today’s 5 Deuce….dreaming in Bob’s driveway!

Bob has owned his share of Deuces and this one was primo.  The car was basically stock with dropped axle, mild flat head motor and the mandatory red wheels.  These kind of cars sell quick and bring big money from the right buyer.

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