Monday’s Update

I stayed up late watching the Grammy’s last night and am a little slow this morning.  I rushed out to pickup some Sees Candy and flowers for my wife as I have always been a fan of Valentine’s Day.  In my younger years, I always give my favorite girl a special present and the tradition continues today.  I ran into some of the  “Office” gang at Sees and we stood in line together.  You know you receive a free piece of candy when you purchase the $20 box of candy.

The weekend was perfect weather wise which allowed me to complete the jig for Andre.  He is now rolling around in the driveway and appreciates the sunshine.  Jane and I will move him to the back garage later today.  The jig works just fine and I only need to add a handle.  I gave the Deuce jig and handle to the fellow who purchased my Deuce project.  I think I have some round tubing in my pile to fabricate a new one.  I need to start keeping these jigs as the metal cost about $200 at IMS.

The weatherman is predicting rain for later this week which means I need to get my projects done today and tomorrow.  I may plan a trip to Bob’s to see his new cars and try his new BBQ restaurant.  He has some wonderful cars in his collection and I will take some photos to share.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a nice daily driver if you live in LA.  Fat Jack built a couple of these over the years and I always have been a fan of the large convertible Henry built.  Since this is a different week and I have been enjoying Walt’s 47 I am wishing I could have another convertible like this.  Do you notice how I can change my choice in cars from week to week.  Remember,  this is only a blog and dreaming is welcome.

This is the dash in my last “Lucy” ( my wife’s nickname).  I added the F 100 automatic shift mast jacket to the stock steering box and it worked fine.  Bob added the square weave carpet and a new top for a very comfortable and sporty ride.  I would not woodgrain a dash in a hot rod.

All you need is a LaBaron Bonney interior in either leather (shown) or in the just as attractive vinyl and cloth.  Gary found this car for me in 1998 while I was working and I drove it home from Napa.  The car had a flathead with a Columbia and never failed me over the years.

Just a reminder you still have time to make her happy.  After work stop by and pickup some flowers and candy.  She will like it and allow you to purchase more car parts.

In my early years this would have been my style and I would have had a primo parking space at school.  We would go out for a smoke during lunch.

A very popular car in the Bay Area this 46 is a show stopper.  I watched this car being built over a few years and the body was in mint condition when he started.  The car has a Sid’s interior and a ZZ4 engine.  The Tommy the Greek flames and stripping is a Bay Area look that has survived for decades.

Bob traded Tom a nice 40 coupe for this 47 convert.  Gabe did the interior and the dark blue paint was Imron like you use on trucks.  Eric supplied the wheels and a SBC helped Tom keep up with the traffic on I-5.

If money is no object, this SAR built 47, is one of the best looking converts built in recent years.  Steve can build your dreams if you have the wallet to make it happen.  Mild chop is hard to recognize.  The car was in the GNRS a few years ago and I studied it for hours.

Paul drives his fat girl out to the LARS every year.  Brian was checking out the amount of room in these big cars and trying to figure out if his 29 was more comfortable.

O.K. so this would have been the Prom Queen’s choice but I was born on the wrong side of the tracks to be able to afford this “Champagne” beauty.

Today’s 40 coupe…dreaming!

A forty coupe at night is ready to go out and work on his “Night Moves”.  This is a classic 40 coupe that has always been in style in my mind.

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