Monday’s Update

The cold weather was here this past weekend and I am glad the football games were on both days.  The weather promises to be warmer this week so maybe I can get something done on the cars.  My big challenge this week is to pass my drivers license exam at the DMV.   In CA when you turn 70 they want to see if you can still handle the wheel of your car.  They told me to make an appointment but there are no appointments available so I will go over tomorrow and stand in line.  We have a wonderful DMV department in CA and I presume like a lot of other states under staffed.

I receive a lot of photos from my viewers and over the past week I received some photos from the builder of the roadster used in my Logo for Pewsplace.  Dan sent me some nice photos of the car and advised me it is for sale.  While I would love to own the roadster, I am not in the position to purchase a car of that quality at my old age.  If any of you have an interest in the car let me know and I will put you in touch with Dan.  I don’t think you will find a nicer example of a 34 hiboy than his.

The GNRS is coming up at the end of the month but I have not heard of any new creations being built for the show.  I am not sure who will be in the 10 spots they have available for the Big Trophy but I hope there are some traditional roadsters that I can relate to.  Last year several traditional style roadsters were entered, of course, none of those cars stand a chance against the mega dollar hand built cars that compete.  I never complain as I like to look at all of them even if I don’t know what they are.  Maybe there should be a traditional only building for people who like old hot rods (the Suede Palace works for me).  I look forward to the show each year primarily for the camaraderie of fellow rodder’s and the vendors who show new cars and products.  I have been going to this show for over 25 years and never grow tired of the event.  The move to the Pomona Fairplex greatly improved the venue in my opinion.  If you have not attended one you are missing a great show.

Well I am off to the DMV so wish me luck.

Stay Tooned!


Dan had the roadster mocked up with the 37 Ford truck grille and 34 hood.  When they are in this stage the excitement begins.

The Bop Top enhances the side profile and creates a speedster look.  I also like the cream wheels to offset the all black car.

The rear view with the 37 tail lights, louvered deck lid and Model A spring really complement the look.  I don’t think you could just walk by this ride.

The 8BA flathead motor keeps the build theme true to the period.  A finned oil cooler is a perfect accessory for the roadster.

The camel and off white interior really looks comfortable and cozy.  This is a steel body from SAR.

This is the photo that wins awards.  Can’t you imagine sitting behind the wheel getting ready to head out to the Prom with the Homecoming Queen.  If you have an interest in this car please contact me for Dan’s number.  You won’t be sorry.

My high school Prom car was something like this and I didn’t attract the Prom Queen but we had a great time anyway.  Model 40’s 5 windows are cool in the chopped hiboy configuration.  My date had to have lots of clothes on to stay warm in the IL weather.

From the HAMB this nasty Deuce 3 window is looking good.  I still like the front frame horns but this look is gaining in popularity.  This is not a RB’s build but a MN build where they have lots of time in the heated garage.  Nice work and super profile.

Here is some nice sheet metal work on this hiboy coupe.  The aprons and hood look super.  This photo is from the HAMB also and is shown under 34 Social Club.

You don’t need to buy a $$$ steel body when you can build one like this and still have the look and ride you want.  I am not sure whose body this is but it looks nice.

Today’s Vicky…dreaming!

A 34 Vicky is a rare car and one this clean is very rare.  The all black beauty appears to have a solid axle under the front with a 4-bar.  Black wheels on the black car seems to be popular today.

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