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Old man winter has decided that California has been exempt long enough and paid us a visit this past weekend. Rain and cold weather continue on today and it is down right miserable for us old folks. I helped the wife with the present wrapping but ventured out in the garage only to turn around and come right back inside. I guess it is December and Christmas is just a few days away, so maybe the cold weather is justified.

I am taking the rest of the year off to be with my family and this will be the last post until after New Years. I have had a wonderful time attending events, taking pictures and telling stories about my adventures with old cars. I have had a very good year and look forward to next year. I sincerely thank all of you who read this blog and especially those of you who sent in photos of your cars and adventures. I couldn’t do this blog without you.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to talking to you next year.

Happy Holidays

Yes, I am into 34 sedans as we head into the new year. I am moving away from my deuce sedan search and now seeking a model 40 for the 2011 season. I have always liked them a lot maybe better than Deuce sedans. This photo shows they are still out there and in cherry condition.

On the road this one is ready for the long haul or strip with hot flatty and quickchange rear axle.

Canepa has JJ’s 34 coupe in his inventory. I parked next to this one at P-town when it was first completed by SO-CAL. I stayed up and waited for him to come back to the motel. The car looks right and is built for driving. If you have the bucks this would be a nice addition to anyone’s collection.

Another favorite is the phaeton. Once the rage they are seldom seen in today’s events. I would guess it is the rather drafty ride for the wife that keep these beautiful cars in the garage. We have about 4 – 5 of these around my town.

Oney’s smoothed out 33 sedan has the sinister look and the stance to kill for.

I was reading that this original phaeton was cut in half and sold to make a couple of cars. What a shame! Phaeton’s need to be saved no matter how bad.

The 33/34 chassis is 6 inches longer in the wheelbase, has an x-member and makes a super riding hot rod. I prefer the original chassis over the repo’s but beggars can’t be choosy.

I am an easy mark for a cherry floorpan like this one in the 34 sedan above. My first one looked just like this and the center section fits in the rear inspection cover hole perfectly.

I don’t think I could ever chop a model 40 but here is how Kevin did it to his 34 sedan.

Yes, the top went back on and he obviously knows what he is doing. I would think these bodies are much harder to chop the the Deuce.

Today’s 34 sedan…dreaming!

I think anything over two inches makes the tip look squashed. I really like them stock to be honest.

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