Monday’s Update

I hope your Halloween was a safe one. We always have about 75 or so come knocking and I do the treating. We have all ages big and small and they behave themselves. I spent all day on Saturday removing the bushings from the wishbones. I know this sounds simple but 70 years of rust can be difficult to remove. I start by heating the bushing and driving out the bolt. Once cooled, I heat the inner metal bushing to cherry red and use a socket to drive it out of the wishbone eye. I had to use a large hammer and lots of force to remove them. My old hands hurt today, but the bones are ready to weld.

My friend and high school classmate, Dave, has a fleet of hot rods and has decided to redo his purple 40 convertible. Dave has owned this car for many years and has driven across country several times. He sent along some construction photos of his progress which I will share with you. I think you should hang on to all cars you own and just update them to suit your needs. I sincerely believe you will be safe with the cars you have registered in CA.

The election is the big news for tomorrow and I hope we all see some positive changes made in the administration both at the state and national levels. Be sure to vote as YOU do make a difference.

SEMA is also this week and is always the place to be in November.

Stay Tooned!


I always vote on the best display in my neighborhood and this Doctor’s home got my vote this year. I thought about stopping in for a quickie.

That is smoke coming out of the shackle area. I drove out the bolt so I could make the removal of the metal casing easier.

The metal housing can be seen laying on the bones after removal.

I tapped in the threaded bushing end to mock up front wishbones in the chassis. I will hook up the bones and install them to make sure I have the correct distance. I left some extra length to trim, just in case.

Dave is well underway with the re-model of his convertible. He replaced the smoothie hood with a stock one with all the trim.

The convert did not have the stainless around the windows and Dave has now added that nice stock touch to the very hammered convert.

The old dash was nice but a little high tech for today’s trend. Here you can see he has modified a regular dash to fit the convertible. Note corners have been reworked to fit cowl. This will save you a lot of money over purchasing a convertible dash.

This was a rust free CA car when he started as you can tell from looking at the rear floor and pan. Dave has added the bezel to his 41 Studebaker tail lights which were frenched in the previous version.

Dave is my age but I don’t think he going back this far for his new interior. He needs a new stock seat if you know of any.

Today’s Deuce Phaeton….dreaming!

It is glass and not quite Gommi’s but this one has the look for a hiboy phaeton.

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