Monday’s Update

The weekend can be described in one word….HOT! The temperatures were in the triple digits and everyone still was out in force with their cars. Roadster lovers wish they had A/C and coupe owners wish their A/C worked. A lot of people install the unit under the dash during the build but never hook up the remaining components. Trust me you needed A/C this weekend. See Frantic for your A/C needs.

Saturday was the big Cruising for a Cure in Orange County which draws over 3000 cars. The event is for a great cause, prostate cancer, and you can have an actual screening performed. I did not attend but had several friends who drove down for the day and really had a great time. The early V8 Club also had a run to Ojai which looked like a fun run. I don’t recall seeing that many model 40 phaetons in one spot. The final event which I did attend was the annual open house at DMP in Chatsworth. I did have company but they headed out to Venice Beach for the day so I decided to attend the event. I arrived after 9:00 AM and the place was packed. I parked across the street and visited the cars and shops that were open. This year was really a nice event with lots of cars, vendors and spectators. They even had the IN & OUT Burger truck to serve lunch. Now, you know I will stay for lunch… I cannot pass up the double-double and a chocolate shake. I pass on the fries.

The temperature was climbing so I headed back home to watch the football games. Seattle and Pete showed San Diego the way home and both of our college teams are headed to the great northwest next weekend. Pray for us.

I did manage to primer Andre’s doors and they came out fine. Now I need some more DPLF 74 which means a trip to Santa Barbara…

Stay Tooned!


If you require any fasteners or need a part polished this is the place to go. They have everything you need in the way of fasteners.

Sam was a spectator this year and was guarding the entrance way with “my favorite 5 window”. This cars always draws a crowd wherever it goes.

Wilwood was in the vendor area with their colorful display and Jeff’s red Vicky. I got some questions answered on Andre’s front brakes.

You flathead, banger and Jimmy fans would have liked this display. All of these parts are available again and they look perfect. Of interest was the 1948 price sheet listing the prices for these jewels.

Unique head showed the different patterns for pistons and valves.

Several Valley cars showed their massive investments in engines. Across from DMP was QMP which specializes in racing engines.

While most of these engines are installed in muscle cars a few find their way into Deuces. A wonderful example was this hiboy roadster.

This old timer had all the right stuff for the look. The Bob Top made it drivable in the hot sunlight. I am not sure but I think this is a real one.???

I like phaetons and this has to be one of the first Wescott bodies ever built. I purchased number 3 from Dee. I see this car every at almost every event I attend. They are meant to be driven.

Lunch time was near and this truck made me hungry. I love the double-double.

Today’s sedan…a long term project.

A father and son project that has taken considerable time but the results are outstanding. The interior is being completed now and photos should be available in a couple of weeks. This was a labor of love for both persons involved. Never give up on your dreams.

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